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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Requirements: 20th Circle, 1 Water cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill
Difficulty: 3rd tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Water
Description: If you enjoy spreading misery and depression wherever you go, the Raincloud cantrip is your personal harbinger. With this pattern you summon a small but fierce cloud that will follow its target doggedly around the realms, raining on her whenever it finds the opportunity. Though it lasts but a few roisaen, during that time it will unceasingly pursue its hapless and sodden victim unless she manages to vanish from sight or run inside. If you happen to be the extra-gloomy sort, it will even follow you around if you wish!
Effect: create a raining cloud over player's head
Messaging: The black cloud looms over XXXXXX, emitting a faint grumble as it roils with elemental malice.

The black cloud floating above XXXXXX shivers briefly before emitting a shower of rain, drenching her in a miniature downpour!

Crackling tendrils of electricity churn across the surface of the black cloud floating above XXXXXX. A spark falls from the cloud, landing on XXXXXX and causing her to jump in surprise!

The black cloud floating above XXXXXX shivers briefly before emitting a shower of rain, but the downpour sputters and hisses into steam as it strikes XXXXXX's Mantle of Flame!

The black cloud floating above XXXXXX's head slowly disperses, thin filaments of black water vapor unravelling until nothing remains.


[Syntax to prepare the cantrip is:
  • A miniscule black cloud forms around your head and follows you or your target for a few minutes.
  • Fails to manifest when it is raining or snowing: The [rain/snow] muddles the pattern of your cantrip, causing it to fail.
  • Hiding will stop the cloud from following you, but it'll return to your location when you unhide.
  • Gesturing at it causes it to unravel.
  • Might possibly be able to put out fires (not reliable.)
  • Possibly a timer to prevent repeat casts on others.
  • Unsure if DEMEANOR affects it. More testing is needed.