Burning Touch

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Burning Touch
Abbreviation: C B T
Requirements: 2 Fire Manipulation spells
Difficulty: 1st tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Fire
Description: The Burning Touch cantrip will cause flammable items you touch to burst into flames. Perfect for lighting your pipe when you can't find your flint.
Effect: light flammable object
Messaging: You gesture and a faint fiery glow surrounds your hands. The glow quickly fades.


Syntax to prepare the cantrip is: PREPARE CANTRIP Burning Touch
Syntax abbreviation to prepare is: prep c b t
Syntax to cast the cantrip is: GESTURE <item>


Igniting a torch

> gesture torch
You touch a wooden torch wrapped in resin-soaked cloth with a glowing finger and it quickly catches fire!
The wooden torch glows brighter until it begins to burn steadily.

Shaving facial hair

Prepare the cantrip then GESTURE at your stubble, mustache, or beard. Caution, causes cuts and bruises about the head because you're searing your face with fire. Casting ES beforehand eliminates this damage.

> gesture <stubble|mustache|beard>
You run your glowing fingers around your face, searing skin and removing all traces of the <stubble|mustache|beard>.