Aether Spheres

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Aether Spheres
Abbreviation: C AE S
Requirements: 2 Aether Manipulation spells
Difficulty: 1st tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Aether
Description: The Aether Spheres cantrip will produce glowing orbs of light that you can juggle to impress others. Or, if you cast the cantrip on another, the orbs will surround them for a brief moment.
Effect: fluff juggling item
Messaging: You gesture, and several spheres of crimson light appear in your hands.

You toss five of your spheres into the air and start juggling them. You begin with a simple, smooth crossover pattern, and then start tossing every third one over your shoulder and catching it behind your back. You keep that going as long as you think you can, then bring everything to a graceful stop. Roundtime: 12 seconds. The spheres slowly fade away.


[Syntax to prepare the cantrip is: PREPARE CANTRIP Aether Spheres]
[Syntax abbreviation to prepare is: prep c ae s]
[Syntax to cast the cantrip is: GESTURE <player>]