Will O Wisp

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Will O Wisp
Abbreviation: C W O W
Requirements: 10th Circle, Electric Charge
Difficulty: 2nd tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Electricity
Description: The Will O Wisp cantrip generates a small, electrically charged ball of energy which floats slowly from place to place, sending jolts of electricity to irritate nearby living beings.
Effect: fluff ball of static charge
Messaging: You gesture. A flickering cluster of tiny golden sparks appears in the air, coalescing into a tiny sparking gold sphere rippling with electrical energy.

You also see a tiny sparking gold sphere rippling with electrical energy.

Dripping golden sparks, the bright sphere hovers in midair through some magical means. As it weaves back and forth in a hypnotic dance, vague crackles emanate from deep within.

The sparking gold sphere sends out spikes of bright electrical energy in several different directions, bathing the area in a soft orange glow.

The sparking gold sphere lazily drifts south, leaving a shower of tiny sparks in its wake.

The sparking gold sphere flashes brightly, then explodes in a hissing shower of sparks.


[Syntax to prepare the cantrip is: PREPARE CANTRIP Will O Wisp]
[Syntax abbreviation to prepare is: prep c w o w]
[Syntax to cast the cantrip is: GESTURE <person>]
  • Summoner can blow it from the room with EXHALE SPHERE or unsummon it with GESTURE SPHERE
  • Unlike most warrior mage cantrips, this one has a cool down between uses.