Water Globe

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Water Globe
Requirements: 2 Water Manipulation spells
Difficulty: 1st tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Water
Description: The Water Globe cantrip creates a globe of water or, during the winter months, a snowball. You can use this to refresh yourself after a long journey or hard fighting. Some pranksters even throw these at each other for harmless fun. If you gesture at a person other than yourself after preparing the cantrip, you will cause the ball to be directed towards him or her along weak Aethereal streams, much like a targeted spell.
Effect: create globe of water or snow
Messaging: You gesture, and a water ball forms in your hand.


  • BREAK BALL to soak yourself.
  • GESTURE <PLAYER> To soak someone else.
  • When using the gesture command your targetted magic skill is checked.
  • THROW BALL AT <PLAYER> to soak someone else.
  • When using the throw command your light thrown skill is checked.
  • Water balls can become snowballs with Crystalize Ice, and snowballs melt into water balls with Burning Touch.
  • Compatible with the Pattern Hues cantrip.
  • Water globe is useful for washing away fleas from flea traps.
  • Other roleplaying commands can be used to interact with water globes.