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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Abbreviation: APPEAR
Requirements: 28th Circle?, Teleport, Cantrip knowledge
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Progeny of Tezirah
Description: With Shadows cast, no stun Teleport to a Katamba moonbeam and leaves you in hiding. Also has several descriptive unhide casts.
Effect: No stun teleport to hiding using Katamba moonbeam
Messaging: A swarm of moth-shaped silhouettes flicker around you, then fade.

<name> slips into a shadow and is gone.
A handful of black, moth-shaped silhouettes flicker away from you and fade quickly into the darkness of the night sky.

Cast when hidden: Thousands upon thousands of delicate moth-shaped silhouettes scurry from the shadows, coalescing in a vaguely humanoid shape.
As the darkness fades, you are revealed.

Cast when invisible:
Uttering barely audible gasps and moans, several dark humanoid forms rise from the ground, then collapse together as if in pain.
The gestalt mass fades, revealing you from your concealment.

Cast when hidden and invisible:
A sound not unlike a roaring gale force wind accompanies the explosive arrival of a dragon made of black shadow!
It twirls in serpentine glee before the illusion fades, revealing you.