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Yalvache Rvahen
Status: Dead
Guild: Paladin
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Associates: Merthamone

Elothean scholar and strategist who worked for Empress Merthamone. Helped to raise the Zaulfung Stones as part of Farn's Company. Was considered unusual for a Paladin.

From "A Study of the Zaulfung Stones"

Yalvache Ruahen is an Elothean [scholar?] and strategist who would doubtless best Marelanis in a beauty pageant if only she would devote some time to her personal appearance. She is obviously uncomfortable at Court, but is ruthless and remorseless in war. (This is fortunate for her, else my sister might kill her for her hair.) Her cunning tactics have turned many a desperate battle into a stunning victory."