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Also called Mech or Mech Lore, Mechanical Lore was one of the most versatile skills, so much so that as part of the DR 3.0 game engine upgrade, it was broken up into five new and separate skills. This process was completed with the release of the Enchanting skill in June 2019. Mechanical Lore is now an obsolete skill.

Before this change, Mech was responsible for a wide-reaching range of game systems that were useful to every guild in one way or another: fletching arrows, carving talismans, forging weapons, making potions, cleaning your instrument. Nearly every game system that was mechanical in nature used or trained Mech.

Spells and abilities that boost Mechanical Lore


Spells and abilities that decrease Mechanical Lore


The mech split

For more information, see Mech Split.

As part of the development of DR 3.0, it was decided that Mechanical Lore had too many functions under one skill, and would be replaced by five new, more narrowly targeted creation skills.


For more information, see Crafting.

Over time as the new creation systems are released, Mech Lore will become obsolete and be replaced by the following new skills in the Lore Skillset:

  • Alchemy skill - Potions, poisons, medicines, oils, naphtha, weatherproofing, etc.
  • Enchanting skill - Creation of magical devices and adding enchantment to existing items.
  • Forging skill - Making stuff out of metal--primarily armor, weapons, and tools.
  • Outfitting skill - Gem-cutting, jewelry-making, leather and cloth armor-making, and embellishing existing items such as by the use of embroidery, heraldry, engraving, painting, and tattooing.
  • Engineering skill - Carving, and making complex mechanical things such as crossbows, siege equipment, repairing gates, and possibly home/caravan/ship improvements.


The CONVERT command can be used to move your Mech ranks into the new crafting skills.

Live disciplines

Applications of Mechanical Lore

As each new crafting system is released, Mech Lore will be replaced in functionality by the relevant crafting skill. Eventually there will be no way to learn Mech.

Note: please enclose items on this list with <s> and </s> to indicate the systems that no longer teaches Mech Lore.

  • Braiding grass or vines to form bundling, lead, and heavy ropes. - Teaches engineering only
  • Origami - Teaches outfitting now
  • Embroidery
  • Carving
  • Tanning - scraping hides is quite popular! "Teaches skinning only" - Ashbomb
  • Alchemy
  • Preparation of Jalbreth balm (similar to old Alchemy system above)
    • crushing dracon crystals
    • mixing/shaking the container; success is influenced by Mechanical Lore.
  • Forging weapons or armor
  • Combining and removing gweth stones, such as waermodi.
  • Dismantling treasure boxes - Does not teach anything
  • Cleaning instruments - Teaches Performance only
  • Repairing instruments
  • Tending Parasites
  • Barbarian Warpaint (does not teach mechanical lore but uses it for potency)
  • Repairing a jammed swappable skinning knife/scraper or carving knife/shaper from the Ratha Trader's Guild (requires a lockpick and some low amount (10ish) ranks)
  • Repairing broken Gwethdesuan chains
  • Operating the lift in the Reaver mines.


"Unless you have a patron to give you money/items the best way to start is probably by braiding grass and then vines, as you can forage these items for free. Make sure to check donation shelves, bins, etc at your guild for other items to help with mech." - --Khazera 17:41, 23 March 2008 (CDT)


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