Item:Lifesculpted e'erdream vanity with delicate sungold filigree

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lifesculpted e'erdream vanity with delicate sungold filigree
Look: Polished to a bright sheen, the rare wood is stained a soft grey tone to complement the lacy pattern within the grain. Fine twists and spirals of lifesculpted wood cradle an oval mirror within a series of delicate branch-like prongs. Multi-hued metal strands glimmer with rosy pink, red, and purple hues across the surface of the lady's dressing table, accentuating the edges of the tabletop as well as its lacework trim and delicate drawer handles.
Special Properties:
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Limited Treasures (3)
 The e'erdream vanity can store the following:
       IN: 0
       ON: 25
   BEHIND: 5
    UNDER: 5