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This is a category of items that conceal certain types of items in the character's inventory. So far, the magical ones have only been available either as auction items, prizes from festival games, or sold at festival shops.

There are a large number of mundane ones, such as robes that will hide most "worn" items, or masks that will hide features.

Note that updates have allowed many of the item hiders to work together, though not all do.

Specific Types


Magical item hiders generally have 20 charges. These charges are rechargeable by Moon Mages. A charge is used when the item hider mechanic is activated. Removing or otherwise deactivating the hider requires another charge to reactivate the hiding mechanic. Removing and wearing any of the hidden items does not use a charge on the item hider as long as you do not remove or deactivate the hider itself.

Arrest results in removal of hiders as your personal effects are confiscated. A charge is required to reactivate your hider.

Death only uses a charge if you choose to DEPART without items. Resurrection after death or choosing a depart method that allows you to retain your items does not use a charge.

Which items a magical hider will hide can be determined by FOCUSing on the hider. Possible item types that can be hidden include:

  • lumpy bundles
  • containers (including clothing with pockets)
  • gwethdesuans
  • cambrinth
  • belt-worn items
  • weapons
  • armor
  • jewelry
  • all items (omnihider)


In 2016, a new magical hider (worry beads) was released at the Ruins of Ulf'Hara event with an enchantment that hides all items (including itself) when turned. This enchantment has been referred to by players as an "omnihider". The enchantment can be moved to other mundane worn items by a willing merchant during an alteration session.


Robe Style hiders are non-magical hiders that hide anything worn in the slots that could be reasonably worn under the robe itself. Non-magical hiders do not have charges.

The following slots are hidden by this garment:

  • body armor
  • arm armor
  • leg armor
  • eyes
  • neck
  • body (generally worn, including gwethdesuans)
  • shirt
  • back
  • upper arm
  • wrist
  • belt (including containers)
  • tail

The following slots are not hidden by this garment:

  • shields
  • head armor
  • hand armor
  • parry sticks and brawling gear
  • shoulder/shoulders (including weapons)
  • ear
  • hands
  • finger
  • waist
  • feet

Associated Verbs

  • SHOW <item> ALWAYS or NORMAL can be used to override hiding effects on specific items.

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