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These stones are created from the drying, freezing, and then BREAKing hearts skinned from Sun Vultures. There is a Mechanical Lore skill component to the process, that will likely be changed to the Alchemy skill.

It appears through a mechanical lore skillcheck the freezing step may be skipped. When using a wayerd pyramid to dry hearts; the pyramid will not message when it's done drying. You'll need to examine the heart periodically.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Angular vardite gauntlets sporting a heartstone-accented extended cuffKhiynit backpack with a vardite claspOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 427true
Breathtaking heartstoneFinest Box of Gems (2)Finest Box of Gems (3)true
Heartstone mirror featuring a blank face with a snootily upturned noseReturn to the Keep 423/End loottrue
Heartstone pilgrim's badge carved into a gluttonous vulturetrue
Item:Stunning heartstonetrue
Silver book locket set with a heartstoneBy the Booktrue
Simple diary marked by a narrow black velvet bookmarkAll in Good Tome (2)true
Stunning heartstonetrue
Winged boots of thick leather sculpted to resemble massive vulture feetTreasure maptrue

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