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A Wayerd pyramid is used to dry herbs as the first step in preparing a potion. To use the standard pyramid you must be outside with the sun visible.

  • LOWER <GROUND/RIGHT/LEFT>: To lower it at your feet.

Pyramids will not work when tied to your body or placed inside a container. As long as it is in the sun the pyramid will emit a low humming noise as the sun's rays shine down on it. Pyramids will continue to hum as long as there is sun (or mana for cambrinth pyramids) to power them; even after completion of drying. It is recommended you set a highlight string for the messaging that signifies completion.

  • Every pulse with an effect: The <pyramid> emits a low humming noise.
  • Every pulse where a herb reaches fully dried: After several moments a high-pitched humming resonates from the <pyramid>.

Pyramids pulse once per minute and take a minimum of 15 pulses to dry an herb, so the minimum time it takes to dry an herb is 15 minutes assuming no missed pulses. This does not get interrupted by opening and closing a pyramid and each herb independently tracks the number of pulses it has spent being dried so adding new herbs will not make previous herbs take longer. Knowing the Advanced Herb Preparation technique from the Remedies discipline will reduce the minimum number of pulses it takes to dry an herb down to 6 making the minimum time taken 6 minutes.

When you see the completion messaging it's time to OPEN your pyramid. If you haven't set the highlight string, or you missed it, you'll have to check the contents of the pyramid after a few minutes. The total number of parts in your pyramid and the quality of the sun (how bright it is and how cloudy the sky is) influences how quickly your pyramid will dry your herbs.

Cambrinth Wayerd pyramids

Wayerd pyramids also come in the cambrinth variety, although these are rarer. Cambrinth Wayerd pyramids may be used at any time, in any weather and even indoors. In order to use a cambrinth Wayerd pyramid, you must CHARGE <PYRAMID TYPE> <#>, while it is in your hand or at your feet. Do not INVOKE your pyramid. If you INVOKE the pyramid it will function as cambrinth to power your spells rather than drying it's contents. Each kind of cambrinth pyramid, no matter what it looks like, can hold a maximum of 10 mana, and each hum of the pyramid uses one mana stream. Like mundane Wayerd pyramids, a cambrinth Wayerd pyramid must be closed to function.


>charge pyramid 10
You harness some energy and attempt to channel it into your Wayerd pyramid.
The Wayerd pyramid absorbs all of the energy.
Roundtime: 5 seconds.
>lower ground
You lower the Wayerd pyramid with a cambrinth capstone and place it on the ground at your feet.
The Wayerd pyramid emits a low humming noise drawing power from its cambrinth capstone.


Pyramids are extremely difficult to transport due to their size. There are a few options available.

Common containers:

Uncommon containers:

Rare containers:



 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #RarityMax Volume
Alabaster-trimmed Wayerd pyramid carved in relief with ivywell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7festival
Angular Wayerd pyramid inlaid with cambrinth moonsmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot350
Bamboo-edged wayerd pyramidwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7festival300
Battered Wayerd pyramidwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7common300
Battered Wayerd pyramid with long gouges down the sidesfestival
Blackened glass skullwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7300
Blood-red Wayerd pyramid embedded with shards of bonemasterfully-crafted12not very effective5average construction9festival
Bone-trimmed Wayerd pyramid painted with odd symbolsfestival
Bone-trimmed wayerd pyramidwell-crafted7very ineffective4appreciably susceptible7common300
Broad-capped glass toadstool with white spotsmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5average construction9festival300
Bumpy green glass frog with bulbous brown eyesfestival
Camouflaged Wayerd pyramid bearing two yellow eyesfestival
Carved tower of sparkling crystalgift300
Chiseled obsidian Wayerd pyramid that gleams with a freshly-polished lustreauction
Cloudstone Wayerd pyramid carved into the shape of a butterflyexceptional10very effective8somewhat unsound6festival300
... further results


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #RarityMax VolumeMana Capacity
Angular Wayerd pyramid inlaid with cambrinth moonsmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot35010
Item:Large crystalline egg set with cambrinth
Item:Wayerd pyramid enclosed in a wire cage with a cambrinth doorknob30010
Item:Wayerd pyramid with a cambrinth capstonemasterfully12rather effective7quite guarded1230010
Large crystalline apple set with a cambrinth stem and leavesmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot30010
Large crystalline egg set with cambrinthmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12incidental10
Large glass pumpkin set with a wide cambrinth grinmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot30010
Miniature greenhouse edged in cambrinthmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot30010
Miniature treehouse with a cambrinth-veined trunkmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot30010
Pocket glass greenhouse framed by cambrinth vinesmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7quite guarded12end loot35010
... further results

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