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The Free Empaths of the Crystal Tower (FECT) was founded in response to the Empaths' Guild's continued attempts to suppress knowledge of empathy's full potential. They believe that it is better to teach Empaths how to use their powers responsibly than to "viciously suppress" them (as Annael put it).


Unofficial badge: royal purple armband embroidered with a hand holding a heart inside a crystal circle

"We chose the name to reflect our freedom from the limitations placed on us by the guild. The symbol that we chose to identify us is a hand cradling a realistic heart, within a circle of crystal. The circle represents the city of Shard, while the hand represents the link of life, which make one an empath." --Marssi

Status and events

  • 2 Shorka 408 (March 9, 2013): kick-off party
  • 6 Uthmor 408 (March 20, 2013): first meeting (Empaths only)
  • 16-18 Arhat 408 (April 2, 2013): Day of Shifting
The Free Empaths of the Crystal Tower will be having a Day of Shifting within Shard. The event will take place in the Hangman's Noose, and last all day, with members providing free shifting service to those interested.
  • 6 Skullcleaver 408 (April 19, 2013, at 10 p.m. EDT): second meeting (Empaths only)


Last updated: 21 Skullcleaver 412 (5/28/2014)


The group is based in Shard, because Ilithi has not outlawed shifting.


Long ago, when the Empaths' Guild was known as the Imperial Healers' Guild, Empaths explored the many facets of empathy, the supernatural ability of an Empath to sense and manipulate the life essences around him. (For a highly skilled Empath, empathy is almost a breaking-down of the separation between two beings.) During that time, many innovative applications of empathy were developed, such as linking, manipulation, and shifting.

Most Empaths used their power responsibly, but when it was abused by Jomay, a prodigious Empath who was once the head of the guild, people began to fear Empaths, and the Empire saw them as dangerous. To preserve itself, the guild reinvented itself. They knew that empathy could not be completely removed, so instead they decided that its power should be "channeled only into the transference of injuries." They attempted to eradicate knowledge of all other empathic powers from the public record. See Shift Debacle for a more detailed explanation.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the guild's attempt to suppress this knowledge, many Empaths have begun to wonder what else can be achieved with empathy.


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