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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Landros


Healer Kindelwyn, Legendary Empath, an Elven Empath. She has pointed ears and crystal green eyes. Her golden hair is long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has smooth skin and a curvaceous figure. She is slightly under average height for an Elf. Her face and torso are painted with clawmarks in vivid crimson warpaint. She appears to be an adult.

She is wearing an Elven silver torque carved with elegantly blackened spirals, a sturdy black backpack, a crimson silk corset with black lace inserts, some coarse crimson-scale leathers with fitted seams, a dark iron barbed-wire armband, a crimson-scale targe with fitted seams, some dark suede pants laced up the sides with black cords and some knee-high black leather boots with thick cuffs


An Interview with a Barbarian...DOLL

Standing precariously on a tree branch, an auburn haired Elven woman holds a simple Lemicule wand in one hand, and a scowling Barbarian doll in the other.

"People gather where people do. What better place to kidnap an in-the-know Barbarian doll for intense questioning," the Elf asks an invisible audience, brandishing her wand to punctuate her excalmations. "I, your intrepid reporter, braved a spring time squall, Trader caravans and grouchy, bossy people, to bring you this story! Put my life in danger! Committed a crime!"

Grabbing the doll she twists the key and quickly wedges him between two branches. The doll's arms and legs start flailing as if he were advancing an unseen target, his tiny broadsword slicing through the air! Just as the spring begins to wind down, the woman taps him on the head with her wand. Painted eyes blink to life as the doll lets out a ferocious roar!

"Hey," he shouts as he struggles against the tree branches. "What are you doing to me? I am stuck!"

Grinning, the woman plucks the broadsword from the doll's hand before turning back to her imaginary audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cupcake!"

"Give that back and let me go!" Struggling harder the doll slips lower between the branches, only succeeding in getting himself more stuck.

"Cupcake," the Elven woman chides, "Stop doing that or I won't be able to get you out and Kindel will hate me."

"I hate you!"

"You do not," she says with a grin tapping the the flailing doll with the wand handle much to his displeasure. Clearing her throat she address the leaves, "As you can see, Cupcake is a very ferocious Barbarian doll, likely of doom. He has chosen to grace us with his presence so that we can ask him all about the ..."

"You kidnapped me," the doll shouts. "That is the opposite of choice, are you stupid?"

"Kidnapped, invited you up a tree on a lovely spring day to interview you. Semantics."

"Interview?" Cupcake asks, no longer flailing. "You want to interview me?"

"Yes! Shall we get started?"

Narrowing his painted eyes, the doll struggles to straighten the furs draped across his shoulders, the heavy iron key protruding from his back catching against the bark and preventing him from smoothing his loincloth properly.

"Do I have to be trapped in a tree to do this? It is bad enough I bounce around in a backpack all day.."

"Oh! Sure...sure!" Plucking him out of his barky prison, the grinning Elf straightens his furs as she plops him down on the large branch in front of her. Settling herself next to him, she is careful to place his broadsword out of reach. Licking her thumb she proceeds to clean a smudge off of his painted face.

"You did not just do that," the doll bellows.

"It is important to look your best for an interview," she replies with a nod. "So, tell me about how you came to be Cupcake."

"Cupcake? Right. That name she gave me," Cupcake responds with a scowl, his bushy eye brows knitting together. "Well, I came from a doll making shop in Arthe Dale. This Gnome tinkerer, Jetto, pays Halfling kids tarts in exchange for sewing. People think it is the Gnome's work, but really he is just the doll maker overseer."

"I was made for some festival, not that anyone bothers to take me to festivals. I got stuck sitting on some stupid display case until some one decided to buy me."

"Is that how Kindelwyn found you?"

"No, that was an entirely different stroke of..." Waving his hand through the air, the doll rolls his eyes and mutters, "Bad luck or something."

"You mean wonderful fortune, I am sure." The Elven woman says, trying not to grin.

"Sure," comes the reply and an exasperated sigh. "You see, I was finally bought by some trader, and I sat on another shelf in his shop for quite awhile. One day, he grabbed me and a few other items off the shelf and the next thing I knew I was on a picnic table in El Bains, and off he went muttering about profit and losses. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, and then this blonde haired Elf shows up. She sees me and literally squeals! I go from being stuck in a case, to a shelf, to a table, and now I get to travel around with an excessively cheerful Empath."

"You really are the luckiest!" Beaming at the doll the intrepid interviewer turns back to the leaves. "As you can tell, Cupcake here definitely looks up to his guardian. He is eternally grateful that she plucked him from the lonely life of picnic tabling and swept him up into her adventures."

"I am a ferocious Barbarian," the doll scoffs. "It is never lonely when you can roar."

"Mhmm. So tell us about Kindel, family, friends, likes, dislikes, favorite things?"

"She is an Elf. Landros is her father, but she was just saying he seemed a little distant. I think it is because he was in Shard and she was in Crossing, but no one asked me.

"She has a sister, but they don't really get on much. Two very different people I suppose. She is not really the type to be tied down by family though. I mean, she loves them, but she also makes friends easily and it seems like she can be surrounded by people or sneak off by herself and be completely content."

"Does she have any special friends," the Elf asks, giving and exaggerated wink to her leafy audience.

"Special," the doll says with a derisive snort. "Everyone is special to her. She has the ability to make the people she cares about feel like they are the most important person in that moment. She has been married a couple times, but she seems to be completely enamored with that Barbarian guy. He seems like a stand up fellow, as Barbarians tend to be."

"She seems to be drawn to Barbarians."

"Drawn to, obsessed with," the doll says with a chuckle. "Had she not wandered into the Empath guild, I am pretty sure she would be a Barbarian herself. Although, as an Empath she is pretty outstanding. Willing to stand in a fight and defend, not sitting on her duff in a guildhall begging for wounds.

"When she was young, she discovered warpaint. Some Barbarian painted her, and she was hooked. She is always wearing it. On some people it would be silly, but Kindel, it fits her. Empath or not, she has a Barbarian's soul."

"You have been with her for quite a long time," the reporter says. "What is that like?"

"Abusive!" the doll exclaims, causing her to jump and almost lose her balance on the branch. "Do you know that she makes me get hugged? Stuffed in a backpack for days, but she meets some new Barbarian and out I come so they can hug me! Me! Like I am some kind of doll to played with and snuggled!"

"Umm," she begins, holding back a smile. "You kind of are a d..."

Cutting her off in mid sentence the doll leaps to his feet and begins to advance, an angry scowl playing across his face. The Elven woman clambers for her wand as he charges forward, a feral roar ripping from his very being. Just as his hand closes around the handle of his vicious broadsword, she whaps him on the top of the head and he drops to the branch, his face frozen once again.

"Hey, Syn?" Mythorhad calls as he climbs up between the branches of the tree.

Synamon clambers to her feet, grabbing the doll and holding him behind her back as the brawny Barbarian breaches the branches.
"Oh hi, what brings you here?"

"Kindel wanted to know if you were done with Cupcake," he responds with a chuckle.

"I have a few, yes. Did she need.."

"Not cupcakes, the food," he interrupts with a grin. "Cupcake, the grumpy Barbarian doll. You know the one you just swiped from her backpack when you ran down Magen road?"

"Doesn't sound familiar."

"The doll behind your back," Mythorhad says, laughter in his voice.

"My back?" Eyes widening with feigned innocence Synamon fidgets under the Barbarian's gaze. "Why would I have..."

"Mhmmm," he responds, grabbing a decadent chocolate cupcake from his pack. "She said she would trade you."

'Oh! You mean Cupcake! Why didn't you say so?" Pulling the doll from behind her back, she hands him over with a grin, grabbing the cupcake in the process.

"What are you up to," Mythorhad asks, spying the wand at her feet.

"Nothing," she says, plopping back down on the branch, shifting to cover the wand with her leg. "I mean, now, I am eating a cupcake, but before, just us and the leaves."

Shaking his head, Mythorhad tucks the doll under his arm and climbs back down through the branches, his deep laugh echoing through the leaves.

Waving her wand through the air, Synamon returns her focus to the canopy of leaves.

"And that, dear audience, was Cupcake, Barbarian doll extraordinaire and companion to my dear friend, Kindelwyn." Motioning with her cupcake, she breaks out into a silly grin. "An Empath, Barbarian admirer, and truly the nicest person you could ever hope to know."


The preceding interview was brought to you by the player of Synamon, who understands your concern about the animating of inanimate objects for the sole purpose of interrogating them, but does not care. She claims creative license and advises you to stop over analyzing things. Sheesh!