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Sect Titles

There are seven titles available to each Moon Mage sect. One title is earned when joining the guild, two titles are prediction based, and these remaining titles are divided into 4 tiers thematically linked to a magic skill and a secondary skill.

  • The 1st tier title is earned at ?? skill
  • The 2nd tier title is earned at ?? skill
  • The 3rd tier title is earned at ?? skill
  • The 4th tier title is earned at 700 skill

Celestial Compact

While they are political creatures most skills don't reflect this very well. As such the titles reflect their more research oriented nature.

Skills Astrology and Scholarship
Joining title Celestian
Prediction titles Horoscopist, Genethlialogist
Tiered titles Advisor, Politician, Academic, Grazhirean

Monks of the Crystal Hand

Their requirements focus on self improvement and understanding the true nature of things.

Skills Attunement and Appraisal
Joining title Sophister
Prediction titles Crystallomancer, Photomancer
Tiered titles Monk, Ascetic, Crystal Soul, Enlightened

Fortune's Path

The requirements here are focused on their relationship with Fate. Generally it focuses on their tendency to be where Fate wants them and not where Fate does not. If that makes any sense at all.

Skills Augmentation and Athletics
Joining title Fateweaver
Prediction titles Cartomancer, Astraglomancer
Tiered titles Gambler, Unbound, Pattern Seeker, <unknown 4th tier title>

Prophets of G'nar Peth

The Pethian focus is, as may be expected, on sight and understanding truths that others might not.

Skills Debilitation and Perception
Joining title G'nar Pethian
Prediction titles Chaomancer, Lecanomancer
Tiered titles Garden Seeker, Sightless, Blind Prophet, Vessel

Nomads of the Arid Steppe

The emphasis here is on their nature as hunters.

Skills Warding and Outdoorsmanship
Joining title Nomad
Prediction title Ossomancer, Sciomancer
Tiered titles Animist, Spiritualist, <unknown 3rd tier title>, <unknown 4th tier title>

Progeny of Tezirah

Emphasis on their nature as masters of shadow and darkness as opposed to their political nature (since much like the compact political nature is kind of hard to define).

Skills Arcana and Stealth
Joining title Tezirite
Prediction titles Enoptromancer, Umbromancer
Tiered titles Tenebrous, Shadowmancer, Cryptomancer, Master of Shadows / Mistress of Shadow

Heritage House

Heritage Keepers love books.

Skills Utility and Scholarship
Joining title Heritage Keeper
Prediction titles Bibliomancer, Stoichomancer
Tiered titles Archivist, Proctor, Gestalt, Accord Keeper

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