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from A Brief History of the Guild of Moon Magic by Kssarh T'kinnirii, Apprentice to Guildmaster Tiv

Under Braun, the Celestial Compact formed the idea for the Guild and led the unification process. Scholars without peer and keen students of the movement of the heavens, they employ astrology and magic to see the far future as if it were yesterday. It is this author's pride to directly descend from this near-perfect lineage, without whom all would have been lost.

A stuffy junior officer leans forward and speaks to you about this sect. "The Celestial Compact is made up of scholars and astrologers, and has a history dating back to the Empire. The members of the Compact served not only as seers and historians for the Emperors, but also as political advisors, and many leaders of the Compact manipulated their way into the highest reaches of power."

"The Celestial Compact lived on after the collapse by dominating the Moon Mage Guild they had organized, as they almost always maintained a fifty percent majority on the Moon Mage High Council. The Braun family has traditionally led not only the Compact, but the Council itself, serving as a driving force behind the Guild and many of its improvements."

The Celestial Compact excels at light manipulation and light-based illusion." The junior officer adds, "You have but to JOIN us, and be part of this heritage."

The sect is described in detail in The Celestial Compact by Taramaine Braun. Other information can be found in:


  • A polished platinum star set with a small dark sapphire.
A tiny ring of white gold encircles the sapphire on the star, flared in places to mimic a sunburst.


  • Celestian at Circle 39, as well as post-title Of the Compact.
  • Advisor at Circle 70.
  • Also: Politician, Horoscopist, Genethlialogist, Academic and Grazhirean.

Title Requirements: Research-oriented in nature, they earn their titles based on Astrology and Scholarship.


  • Gift of the Stars (refill): Refills a static amount of attunement (not a percentage of total pool) at night. Circle 28
You feel the energy of the constellations feed your magic, but it dissipates since you're already full of mana.
  • Avtai Alshavi (season): Allows you to observe (but not study) constellations out of season. Circle 35
You redirect your powers of foresight and suddenly feel able to view constellations out of season.

  • Veiled Identity (face): Two different identifies based on day or night, respectively.
    • <Name> has a trio of fiery crimson eyes in the center of the forehead, long strings of cloudy hair, and pale skin.
    • <Name> has twin nightsky-colored pools complete with twinkling stars for eyes, no visible hair, and speckled skin.
      <Name> who appears sublimely inhuman.

Spell Preparation

  • A representative from the Celestial Compact turns her gaze heavenward and traces a series of lunar sigils in the air.

Spell Affinities

The Celestian Compact is responsible for inventing following spells:

Further, they have a special affinity to the Cage of Light spell.

Divination Tool

Sect Shop

See Also

  • Player Celestians - Players that associate their characters with the Celestial Compact


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