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These are spells that can only be learned from spell scrolls.

Summary of Available Scroll Only Spells

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Target Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Beckon the Naga (BTN) Impact damage, Summon a lesser naga to attack your foe. Uses Heavy TM timer. standard targeted, heavy offensive PC, Creature 30-100 250-1,000 Instant 3 Elemental Magic
Aspects of the All-God (ALL) +Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Sorcery skill, +Targeted Magic skill, +Utility skill, +Warding skill, -Primary Magic skill, -Augmentation skill, -Debilitation skill, -Targeted Magic skill, -Utility skill, -Warding skill, Rapid alignment change. Nonstandard alignments. ritual augmentation, utility Special 50-600 10-600 Instant 2 Holy Magic
Bitter Feast (BF) Replaces Eylhaar's Feast's addiction drawback with a short stun. metamagic utility 1 Holy Magic
Glythtide's Gift (GG) +Wisdom (stat), Creates a drink. standard augmentation Self 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Holy Magic
Hand of Tenemlor (HOT) Impact damage, Fire damage, Single-strike attack and offensive dispel. battle targeted PC, Creature 7-50 80-800 Instant 1 Holy Magic
Spite of Dergati (SPIT) Prevents all spell casting in the area. battle debilitation, warding, area of effect Area mind \ willpower 20-66 250-1,000 0- 4 Holy Magic
Absolution -Empathy skill, -Stamina (stat), allows Empath to attack the undead without shock ritual utility Self 150-700 80-800 30-90 2 Life Magic
Adaptive Curing (ADC) allows preemptive casting of Flush Poisons and Cure Disease; allows Heal to remain active even with no wounds metamagic 1 Life Magic
Icutu Zaharenela (IZ) Slice damage, Cold damage, converts TOUCH into an attack cyclic targeted PC, Creature 15-45 400-1,250 Indefinite 2 Life Magic
Iyqaromos Fire-Lens (IFL) Increased Burn accuracy and damage based on moons/sun metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Saesordian Compass (SCO) Significantly reduces time to full targeting prep, makes SLS multi-hit standard augmentation Self 30-100 250-1,000 6-19 2 Lunar Magic
Sever Thread (SET) latent triggered immobilization, mental link to PC standard debilitation PC, Creature 3-66 10-600 Instant 2 Lunar Magic
Shadow Web (SHW) +No buffs, -No debuffs, AOE webbing battle, cyclic debilitation, area of effect Area magic \ reflexes 6-31 80-800 Indefinite 1 Lunar Magic
Sovereign Destiny (SOD) -Discipline (stat), -Intelligence (stat), -Wisdom (stat), removes predictions, blocks access to Plane of Probability battle debilitation PC, Creature spirit \ willpower 5-33 80-800 Instant 2 Lunar Magic
Tangled Fate (TF) alters single prediction (stuns if more than one) standard debilitation, utility Self, PC 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Lunar Magic
Tezirah's Veil (TV) gives random predictions; fills prediction pools. battle augmentation, debilitation Self, PC, Creature spirit \ willpower 15-100 80-800 Instant 2 Lunar Magic
Burden (spell) -Strength (stat), increases encumbrance battle debilitation PC, Creature magic \ fortitude 1-33 0-400 10-10 1 Analogous Patterns
Dispel (spell) dispels one magical effect battle utility Self, PC, Creature mind \ willpower 15-100 80-800 Instant 2 Analogous Patterns
Ease Burden (EASE) reduces encumbrance standard augmentation Self, PC 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Analogous Patterns
Gauge Flow (GAF) allows magical research standard utility Self 5-100 10-600 30-90 2 Analogous Patterns
Imbue enables an item to be enchanted standard utility Item 15-100 80-800 Instant 1 Analogous Patterns
Lay Ward (LW) integrity barrier against spells battle warding Self 5-100 10-600 2-10 1 Analogous Patterns
Manifest Force (MAF) ablative physical damage barrier standard warding Self, PC 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Analogous Patterns
Seal Cambrinth (SEC) increases capacity by 30%, prevents stored mana from leaking ritual utility Item 50-600 10-600 30-90 1 Analogous Patterns
Strange Arrow (STRA) Puncture damage, Electrical damage, single target. battle targeted PC, Creature 1-50 0-400 Instant 1 Analogous Patterns
Flame Shockwave (FLS) Impact damage, Fire damage, Convert Shockwave from cold/slice damage. metamagic targeted 1 Elemental Magic