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A metaspell or metamagic spell is a spell that gives you some benefit just by learning it, instead of needing to be cast. Often these spells modify other spells (e.g. Adaptive Curing); they may also grant special abilities (e.g. Spiteful Rebirth).

Current Metamagic Spells

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Target Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Bitter Feast (BF) Replaces Eylhaar's Feast's addiction drawback with a short stun. metamagic utility 1 Holy Magic
Heavenly Fires (HF) Allows AE's bolts to redirect to new target after first is dead. metamagic targeted 1 Holy Magic
Time of the Red Spiral (TOTRS) This is a Heavy TM metaspell that periodically empowers your Harm Evil or Harm Horde spell. metamagic targeted, heavy offensive 2 Holy Magic
Adaptive Curing (ADC) allows preemptive casting of Flush Poisons and Cure Disease; allows Heal to remain active even with no wounds metamagic 1 Life Magic
Empower Moonblade (EMMO) Store fully prepared spells in moonblade metamagic 2 Lunar Magic
Hypnotize Allows calm creatures to be commanded metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Iyqaromos Fire-Lens (IFL) Increased Burn accuracy and damage based on moons/sun metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Ripplegate Theory (RT) Allows the caster to designate a room. The caster can then teleport back to this room even when there are no moons in the sky. metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Shape Moonblade (SHMO) shape moonblade to Small Edged, Large Edged, Twohanded Edged, or Staves forms metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Alkahest Edge (ALK) Vivisection damage becomes slicing + random element. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Chirurgia (CHIR) +Small Edged skill, Added to Butcher's Eye effect metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Covetous Rebirth (CRE) Occasional DEPART GUILD with all the benefits of DEPART ALL. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Ebon Blood of the Scorpion (EBOTS) Changes Heighten Pain, Siphon Vitality, and Blood Burst metamagic 3 Arcane Magic
Liturgy All masking benefits of Rite of Contrition added to Rite of Grace. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Spiteful Rebirth (SRE) Self-raise via DEPART DEATH. metamagic 2 Arcane Magic
Veteran Insight (VETERAN) +Reflex (stat), added to Sentinel's Resolve metamagic augmentation 1 Holy Magic
Electrogenesis Electrical damage, Increase brawling damage, convert brawling damage to electric, convert SK shots to electric metamagic 2 Life Magic
Plague of Scavengers (PLS) +Offensive Factor, -Defensive Factor, parry/shield ignore, Vitality leech, Special attack, Dispel spell metamagic augmentation 2 Life Magic
Avtalia Array (AVTA) Passively charges worn cambrinth/gaethzen when outdoors while Noumena is active. metamagic 2 Lunar Magic
Bespoke Regalia Allows CAST {armor type} {area of coverage} metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Resumption (RESUM) Preserves memories after death metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Elementalism Bypasses the Intro spell requirement (Geyser, Gar Zeng, etc.) for all Elemental spellbooks after learning at least one. metamagic 0 Elemental Magic
Expansive Infusions Allows creation of elemental weapons for any melee or thrown weapon skill. metamagic 2 Elemental Magic
Fiery Infusions Create elemental weapons that do fire damage. metamagic 1 Elemental Magic
Flame Shockwave (FLS) Impact damage, Fire damage, Convert Shockwave from cold/slice damage. metamagic targeted 1 Elemental Magic
Icy Infusions Create elemental weapons that do cold damage. metamagic 1 Elemental Magic
Ignition Point Naphtha delivered by Paeldryth's Wrath will ignite on impact metamagic 1 Elemental Magic
Quick Infusions Reduces shape/summon/turn rt by 4 seconds. Allows density to be altered. metamagic 2 Elemental Magic
Reinforced Infusions Improve elemental weapons based on forging techniques known and by holding a very rare metal ingot. metamagic 2 Elemental Magic
Shocking Infusions Create elemental weapons that do electric damage. metamagic 1 Elemental Magic