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This category contains characters that are current or former Khalaen (leaders) of the Empaths' Guild.


The leaders of the Empaths' Guild are arranged in a hierarchy of three levels. Their official titles are in Gamgweth.

Khalo rae Moda

The top tier of this structure is composed of five members, one for each of the provinces. Their title means "leader of the mouth"; they are the mouthpieces of the guild and hold the most knowledge about the Empath's Guild history and lore. As such, final decisions regarding guild disputes or guild-wide discussions rest with their leadership. Once an Empath agrees to accept this position, he rarely if ever leaves the province he speaks for.

The selection process for a Moda is unknown outside the circle of Modien, but there are rumors that the tests and tasks required of candidates are difficult, at best. Once chosen, a Moda cannot be removed from office; the position is only relinquished upon death or, in rare circumstances, complete incapacity of the Moda (as in the case of Eksharo). However, a Moda can opt to retire from the position.

The plural is Khalo rae Modien (originally Khalaen rae li Modaen).

Current Modien

Khalo rae Aev

The middle tier of the structure does not have a set number of of members. These are the "leaders of the eye." The Aevaen function as observers of the Empaths' Guild in general and often serve as messengers of confidential guild business between the provinces, because the Modien don't travel. They are also the guild's diplomats and are called upon to act as representatives during governmental and other important functions. Upon a Moda's retirement, a short term as Aev is served, with the option to continue as Aev should he choose after the required term has ended. In addition to retired Modien, the Aev comprise other Empaths who have demonstrated commitment to the positive progress of the Empath's Guild.

For those chosen for the position, it is difficult to remove an Aev from Office. However, in extreme cases, an Aev can be dismissed from his position if the majority of Modien determine that no other course of action can correct questionable behavior. Given the qualities Aevaen must possess at the time of appointment, dismissal is a rare occurrence and has only happened twice in guild history.

The plural is Khalo rae Aevaen (originally Khalaen rae li Aevaen).

Current Aevaen

  • Atladene: former Moda for Ilithi
  • Edenlaen: formerly a member of Ferdahl Kukalakai's court; works with Xonei, Moda for Ilithi
  • Halfrida worked with Eksharo, the former Moda for Zoluren
  • Liadiya
  • Mirinn: martyr of Crossing; served as interim Moda after Eksharo's resignation. Was Moda of Zoluren before Eksharo.
  • Annael: former Wen of Zoluren, resigned amid scandal. Re-appointed to the Aev after Eksharo's resignation and Constanze's confirmation. Serves in Ilithi.
  • Imlan: Explained the tranquility and awaken spell patterns upon their release.

Khalo rae Wen (Guildleaders)

The lowest tier of the leadership structure is one that most guild members interact with frequently: the Khalo rae Wenaen ("leaders of the young") or Guildleaders. It is the Wen's responsibility to guide the training of the guild members, offering recommendations and promotions when they're appropriate. They also must convey the viewpoints and decisions passed down from the Modien and enforce them when necessary.

The Wenaen are appointed to their office by the Moda for the province in which they are located. Their appointments must be approved by the other Modien. However, it is the provincial Moda's option and responsibility to present appropriate candidates, since they are most familiar with the personalities and needs of the citizens of the province. A Wen can choose to leave the appointment, request to move to a different guildhall when there is an opening, or be replaced or dismissed by their immediate Moda. It is rare for a Wen to be dismissed or replaced. However, it has happened with more frequency than dismissal of an Aev. (Most recently, Annael was forced to resign from the Crossing post when she refused to disclose the list of people who were present at Asrea's meeting.)

The plural is Khalo rae Wenaen (originally Khalaen rae li Wenaen).

Current Guildleaders


The correct form of address of a Khalo is using the abbreviation K' before the first name. In writing, the first letter of the name in addition to the K' is capitalized (for example, K'Xonei).

As with any uncertain circumstance, opting for formality is always preferred when addressing any of the Khalo, unless and until given alternate information by the individual Khalo. The use of a Khalo's given name alone, without the K' prefix, is considered inappropriate unless the Khalo has previously made it understood that doing so is acceptable. It is recommended that one let the Khalo guide the formality level during interactions. They are trained in diplomacy and can offer assistance regarding when formality is best used and when it is safe to discard it.

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