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Caelumia Y'laeth
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

As of January 8th, 2011, Caelumia is currently not playing.

Fateweaver Caelumia Y'laeth is a Mountain Elf Moon Mage and member of the Fortune's Path sect. She has a prominent personality in many areas and has a tendency to wander from place to place without calling anywhere home, though she has an open fondness for Rivercrossing (where she first formally studied lunar magic under Kssarh nearly three decades ago) and is a member of the Silent Guardians of Riverhaven.

Caelumia has a strong negative reputation for being brash, tactless, stubborn, vaguely amoral and easily provoked into violence. She has an equally strong positive reputation for being highly intelligent, a talented Seer and historian, and generous with gifts of wealth or knowledge on occasion. Those who meet her tend to polarize to one of these extremes, and few agree on which is closest to the truth.

Affiliations and Activities

In the past, Caelumia has been closely affiliated with a wide variety of prominent figures, such as the late Therengian Ambassador Urwin, Consul to the Mountain Queen Fierolan, Lady Chelia of the Redthorne family of Ratha, assassin-turned-noblewoman Natashya and Children of Kalestraum Scion Ealuik. Her group affiliations have been varied and sometimes contradictory, including a stint in the Ilithi, suspected connections to the Children of Kalestraum via Ealuik, whispered but uncorroborated rumors of dealings with Dragon Priests, membership in the Silent Guardians of the Zaulfung, a number of personal friendships and connections to important Order and militia figures in nearly every province and her own brief time as a Commander in Zoluren's militia before its disbanding.

More recently, she founded the Kermorian Defensive Coalition in an effort to create a cohesive continent-wide defensive and intelligence group to combat the forces of Lyras. Against all reasonable expectations, she was granted the full support of Baron Gyfford of Therengia, the Ilithi Court and the scattered forces within Forfedhdar in recognition of the mutual threat all faced. Though she remains a wanderer, she operates primarily within Zoluren, which remains without its own organized defensive force and many feel is in need of a leader suited to the "colorful" nature of Rivercrossing.

She is also a highly talented Seer (prompting the better-known epithet "Fateweaver") and prominent speaker and teacher within her guild, holding regular classes and meetings to educate and edify the masses about everything from politics to recent events as well as do something she refers to as "talent searching, just in case." She has been known to take apprentices on rare occasion, though few are found worthy and fewer are ever heard from again.


Portrait by Rajao

Caelumia small.png

You see Fateweaver Caelumia Y'laeth, Diplomat of Zoluren, an Elf.
Caelumia has an oval face, slightly pointed ears, tilted blue-grey eyes and a pointy nose. Her silver-gilt hair is long and fine, and is worn swept up by a red enameled silver spiral and allowed to tumble freely down the back. She has freckled skin and a slender figure.
She is short for a Elf.
She is an adult for an Elf.
She has a tattoo of a tiny blue-white crescent moon cradled inside a stark black star on her left wrist.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a gracefully pointed silver and animite wirework earcuff, an aged leather messenger bag tooled with a faint crest, a knee-length distressed leather coat with a narrow lapel collar, a fitted carmine blouse with three-quarter length sleeves, a slender antique silver wristband embedded with four spherical Imperial gemstones, an albredine crystal ring, a mottled seordstone ring carved into a stylized ouroboros, a black leather split-strap sword belt with silver inlays, some faded khaki trousers with turned-back cuffs and some midnight blue leather cross-laced sandals.