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Rajao Dzirun
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime

You see Tenacious Rajao Dzirun of Zoluren, a Rakash.
She has a heart-shaped face, slightly pointed ears, and hazel eyes. Her lavender-streaked ash-blonde hair is long and thick, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. She has tanned skin and a thin figure.
She is tiny for a Rakash.
She is young for a Rakash.
Her forearm has a tattoo of a childish Rakash dancing amid a field of zombies.
She is in good shape.
You are wearing a chakrel volcano amulet hung from a black iron chain, a heavy white snowbeast fur cloak trimmed with red-tipped claws around the shoulders, a lightweight mistwood crossbow, a dark leather harness painted with fluffy pink bunnies, an oilcloth rucksack, some perfect firecat-skin leathers, some firecat claw elbow blades, an ironwood buckler, some darkened blue chain gauntlets backed with bladed knuckles, a grimy steel ring bearing the crest of the Barbarians' guild, a blackened ogre skull, a ringmail-clad buckskin thigh quiver, some red-splotched leather footwraps, and a calcified femur.

In moonskin: She has hazel eyes, slightly pointed ears, and a slender muzzle. She has a tan and ruddy coat, a straight tail, and a thin figure.

History & Common Knowledge


Short, skinny, and perhaps a little too fond of butterflies and pretty things, the young Rajao Dzirun is an unlikely candidate for a marauding horde of bloodletting warriors. Little is known about her life before she turned up at the doorstep of Guildleader Mo in the later months of 395, barely sixteen and seeking admittance into the brotherhood of barbarians, except that she seems to originally hail from Dirge's volcanic desolation.

Although she spent the majority of her apprenticeship in Therengia, Rajao was not an uncommon sight in Agonar's guildhall in River Crossing, and eventually, she seemed to vanish from the northern provinces altogether. After a span of months the fledgling warrior resurfaced in Steelclaw Clan, claiming to have joined the movement into Forfedhdar to combat Lyras's forces at the mouth of the Great Barrier; in truth, she was retracing the steps of the wayward Mo through Ilithi, searching for the chieftain Telfogli. Ultimately, she would be one of the handful of barbarians privy to the legendary hordesman's retelling of the guild's origin, and was among the party which safely escorted Mo back home to Riverhaven.

With her quest ended and journeyman rank achieved, Rajao has taken to wandering, cultivating a wide variety of acquaintances but mostly ignoring the larger political games in play. She openly committed herself to the war against Lyras (perhaps because Mo did first), but would appear indifferent to necromancy as a whole - though whether or not this nonchalance is bred from anything but ignorance is up for debate. Following Lyras's defeat, she has returned to Zoluren to resume her training, with the odd foray into other provinces as her whims dictate.

In personality, Rajao could be described as spirited, cavalier, and above all, immature. A typical teenager, she is perceptive when she wishes to be and thickheaded otherwise, with no gray area in between.


  • Roleplay Stance: Heavy
  • PvP: Open
  • Spouse: None/Not Interested
  • Image courtesy of Reene