Arthe Hollow Inn

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Arthe Hollow Inn
Province Zoluren
Town Arthe Dale
Map Ranik's Map 7b
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Arthe Hollow Inn, Common Room]
The room is filled with long, low tables and stools, where several people sit eating hearty bowls of Arthe Hollow's popular lamb stew. A large stone fireplace dominates one wall. Daisy Burdock, the inn's cook and waitress, crosses the room carrying a precarious arrangement of bowls and plates. She stops briefly to tease and joke with a regular customer or glance out the window. A sign is posted prominently next to the archway. You also see an open doorway, some wooden stairs, a polished wooden bar, and a wooden menuboard.

Note: There is free food/drink through the doorway.

Daily Specials
Item Price Done
1 - Hot Porridge 15   
2 - Griddle Cakes 27   
3 - Coddled Eggs 30   
4 - Daisy's Lamb Stew 32   
5 - Shepherd's Pie 35   
6 - Chicken and Dumplings 35   
7 - Mushroom and Bacon Tart 38   
8 - Popover 10   
Item Price Done
9 - Burdock's Ale 30   
10 - Modwyn Wine 35   
11 - Taffelberry Fizz 35   
12 - Hot Toddy 37   
13 - Mulled Sicle Cider 37   
14 - Arthe Hollow Grog 30   
15 - Peppermint Tea 17   
16 - Mountain Mineral Water 7   

[Arthe Hollow Inn, Dance Hall]
This low, snug hall is filled with music and laughter at all hours of the day and night, as the village residents never seem to lose their passion for dance and drink. Silk streamers dyed with vibrant reds, blues and yellows drape out from the center of the ceiling and hang down the walls. Lively music is provided by a group of Halfling minstrels, and the heady aroma of roasted meat wafts through the air. You also see a banquet table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

This room has a dance floor.

On the banquet table
Item Price Done
a pig-shaped taffelberry lollipop 0   
a caramel pecan tart 0   
some lemon pudding cake 0   
some Grandma Tanglefoot's tea 0   
a sticky sweet roll 0   
some taffelberry punch 0   
a cask of ginger beer 0   
a chocolate crackle 0   
some buttery shortbread 0   
some candied ginger 0   
a glass of plum wine 0   
a warm apple tart 0   
a haunch of mutton 0   
a mixed baby green salad 0   


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Arthe Hollow Inn
Location: Arthe Dale, Zoluren (RanikMap7b)
Class / Type: Middle / Rural
Restrictions: Halfling
Justice: City
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 4 (0)
Last Checked: 11 Jun 2020

Arthe Hollow Inn.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Hallway - 1 Middle Class, Rural Halfling Talmoon cross-braced and reinforced plank door delicately carved to depict a shrike impaling its prey on a thorn for later feasting
Hallway - 1 Middle Class, Rural Halfling Igaro carved teak door
Corridor - 2 Middle Class, Rural Pippah pale oak door etched with a towering mountain pattern
Corridor - 2 Middle Class, Rural Menela myrtlewood door decorated with a wreath of spring blooms and greenery