Dadzi's Skrawt Stal

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Dadzi's Skrawt Stal
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 117
Owner Dadzi
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Jewelry shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Dadzi's Skrawt Stal, Glan Gulth]
Its polished ebonwood and heavy crystal doors set the tone of opulence and Dwarven artisanship continued within this shop. Pale pink granite floors peek from beneath luxuriously bleached and combed wooly sheepskin. Cool alabaster showcases, themselves artistically shaped, display their contents on velvet beds. A silk divan in the center of the room provides seating for weary shoppers, or those suffering from sticker shock. You also see a fusiform showcase covered in pink velvet with some stuff on it and a pedestal showcase draped in ivory velvet with some stuff on it.

On the fusiform showcase
Item Price Done
Pair of gold tassel earrings 32,472   No
looped gold pendant on a link chain 75,768   
Pair of chunky gold doorknocker earrings 72,737   No
triple-looped gold earrings 43,296   
large oval diamond set in an intricately braided tri-color gold band 280,783   
On the pedestal showcase
Item Price Done
knotted strands of fine gold chain 21,648   
Pair of eternity earrings 64,944   No
Pair of blended rose and white gold diamond-cut earrings 346,368   No
ornate white gold thumb ring with a centered cabochon diamond 68,912   
anchor pendant 159,112   !!
white gold leaf necklace 92,364   

[Dadzi's Skrawt Stal, Kwar Stof]
Soft lights, recessed in the stone ceiling, bathe this space with a faint blue glow and create the impression of the night sky. A small settee covered in silver bear pelts sits on a midnight blue carpet sheared in a latticework pattern. Four displays, topped with silver velvet, resemble the moons of Elanthia and encircle the settee.

On the Katamba display
Item Price Done
amethyst ring framed by waves of gold and diamonds 179,543   
On the Xibar display
Item Price Done
gold band earrings inlaid with tiny dark blue sapphires 106,039   No
diamond and aquamarine ring 67,650   
On the Yavash display
Item Price Done
platinum shower earrings 288,640   No
large pear-shaped tourmaline resting within a gold and diamond loop pendant 88,801   
On the Grazhir display
Item Price Done
gold waterfall earrings 54,120   

[Dadzi's Skrawt Stal, Hivdar Stof]
This white granite room has an intricately carved dome supported by a series of arcades. Refreshing breezes move unimpeded through the open design, creating a sense of spacious grandeur. Beneath a strong gaethzen orb is a glass showcase, where Dadzi's most scintillating designs tend to elicit desire in the eyes of Hibarnhvidar's residents.

On the glass showcase
Item Price Done
white gold and diamond branch pendant 157,534   
diamond and platinum breastbone ornament 694,540   
diamond and platinum torque 519,552   !!
necklace of graduated gold arches accented by pearls and diamonds 139,449   !!
gold and diamond dove earrings 154,422   No
opal and diamond ring 99,111   
stunningly designed diamond and sunstone ring 180,715   
trillion cut diamond and platinum ring 472,648   

[Dadzi's Skrawt Stal, Rawdh Stof]
Muffling sounds down to the level of a whisper, dark red carpeting covers the floor and provides a subtle showcase for silver toned displays. A brocade sofa at the far end of the room is flanked by a dainty white table with cups and a teapot for those contemplating a purchase. You also see a silver cordate display lined in pink velvet with some stuff on it and a sinuous silver display capped in pink velvet with some stuff on it.

On the cordate display
Item Price Done
dainty gold slipper earrings accented with ruby hearts 130,970   No
oversized diamond heart earrings encircled by a small gold band 174,627   No
On the silver display
Item Price Done
oval ruby ring with a bypass gold band 134,939   
ruby ring with spinning wheels 84,788   
earrings formed of five alternating hoops of white and rose gold 57,728   
On the dainty table
Item Price Done
tea 0   

[Dadzi's Skrawt Stal, Gwel Stof]
Bits of various colored jade interspersed with cool, white tile create an almost antiseptic atmosphere which continues with only one display, centered in the room. A low, narrow green bench rests against the wall leading to the red room.

On the porcelain display
Item Price Done
celery green jade circle earrings inset with gold dragons 78,419   No
wide gold band topped by a celery green jade circle inset with a gold dragon 73,224   
celery green jade ball cradled in the claws of a gold dragon pendant 213,016   
black silk cord necklace strung with a thin celery green jade circle inset with a gold dragon 39,291   
* A white notecard reads:

It has been said that jade absorbs the essence of the wearer in that body oils, over time, will darken jade to different hues. This light celery green jade awaits the imprint of its future owner.