Feta's Kitchen of Fresh Dairy and Baked Goods

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Feta's Kitchen
Province Zoluren
Town Arthe Dale
Map Ranik's Map 7b
Owner Feta
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Feta's Kitchen, Fresh Dairy and Baked Goods]
A tidy room more reminiscent of a country kitchen than a shop, this is a bright and cheerful place filled with the aroma of fresh cheeses, breads and other foods. Attached to one wall, a straw basket of fresh flowers brings a splash of color to the room. An open window reveals a clean, straw-filled stable. You also see a tiled counter with some stuff on it, an oak butter churn sitting quietly in one corner, a table covered with a blue-checked tablecloth with some stuff on it, and a wicker bread rack loaded with an assortment of fresh breads with some stuff on it.

On the covered table
Item Price Done
wax-covered anlibues cheese 437   
wax-covered wayfarer cheese 125   
wax-covered herb cheese 62   
wax-covered butter cheese 250   
wax-covered kirm cheese 375   !!
On the tiled counter
Item Price Done
bowl of egg custard 25   
small dish of caramel flan 22   
cup of buttermilk 15   
bottle of fresh milk 18   
cup of taffelberry yogurt 31   
On the bread rack
Item Price Done
warm buttered biscuit 11   
flaky croissant 15   
hot corn muffin 12   
crusty sourdough bread 15   
sticky sweet roll 18