Bobba's Arms and Armor

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Bobba's Arms and Armor
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Arthe Dale
Map Ranik's Map 7b
Owner Bobba
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Bobba's Arms and Armor]
Three Halfling-size figures stand along the entranceway, each clad in a different style of armor with weapon poised to attack. They do not move, however, the room's steady light betraying them as cunning display dummies crafted from straw and wooden poles. Smallish weapon racks and diminutive suits of leather line the walls, indicating the proprietor's select group of clientele. You also see a large sign, Bobba Bandicoot, a three-legged stool with a leather-bound catalog on it, and a display dummy.

*Note* This shop closes at night.

Page 1 - Arms
Item Price Done
odd bodkin 200   !!!!
butcher's knife 100   !!!!
curved long knife 500   !!!!
hatchet 375   DG
gleaming short sword 500   
short hunting spear 437   
sling 375   
Page 2 - Armor
Item Price Done
wicker vest 250   !!!!
stiffened linen cuirass 312   !!
tooled leather coat 375   !!!!
soft doeskin corselet 250   !!!!
bezainted leather breastplate 500   !!
quilted ring mail 1,250   !!!!
Page 3 - Shields
Item Price Done
stout buckler 150   !!!!
small round shield 150   !!
hide-covered wooden shield 150   !!!!
turtle shell shield 375   !!
braided wicker shield 200   !!
cooking pot lid 37   !!
Page 4 - Miscellaneous
Item Price Done
soft leather hood 75   !!
kitchen pot helm 50   !!!!
mini leather vambraces 50   !!
mini leather legguards 50   !!!!
smooth rocks 75