Thieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)

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Thieves' Guild, Shop
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Ain Ghazal
Map Ranik's Map 114
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Thief shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Alchemy shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Thieves' Guild, Shop]
An elevated tray and a rowan crate flank a series of silver racks placed on a small patterned rug. The scent of exotic spices rises from a diminutive brass incense burner set beside a set of shelves, a velvet-draped pedestal beneath it. You also see a silver stand with a silver-edged Wayerd pyramid on it, a rowan endtable with an unlonchai bucket edged with frosted glass on it and a broad arched doorway.

On the elevated tray
Item Price Done
bronze keyblank 202   !!
copper keyblank 269   !!
soft iron keyblank 135   
ivory keyblank 1148   !!
In the rowan crate
Item Price Done
Brawling Weapons. Specifically for Ambush Stun
heavy lead pipe 129   !!
claw-footed chair leg 189   !!
rowan stool leg 162   !!
silver goblet with filigree along the rim 9,380   !!
polished copper pipe 324   !!
brushed brass pipe 189   !!
painted clay brick 90   !!
rowan board 162   !!
silver candlestick 8,659   !!
darkened steel pipe 270   !!
swirled glass vase 225   !!
On the silver racks
Item Price Done
dark oilcloth alchemy sack with a crystal-inlaid silver clasp 983   
sage-green oilcloth alchemy sack with a yellowed viper fang clasp 595   
twilight-blue oilcloth alchemy sack with a silver nightshade clasp 1,013   
night-black oilcloth alchemy sack with an onyx knotwork clasp 3,111   !!
white oilcloth alchemy sack with a clasp carved to form a sprig of foxglove 496   
On the shelves
Item Price Done
dark crystal bowl edged with silver filigree 3,842   
warped glass bottle streaked with amethyst hues 61   
silver pestle capped with a dark crystal 902   
small iron stove with a thick sheepskin shoulder strap 1,014   
small opalescent glass jar 284   
large opalescent glass jar 324   
silver mixing stick studded with dark crystals 1,380   
large copper cauldron edged with black filigree 3,157   
swirled glass mortar tinted the hues of dusk 405   
On the velvet-draped pedestal
Item Price Done
jaunty gold ivory-tipped gentleman's cloak pin 6,981   No
lustrous gold lapel pin edged in ivory 6,981   No
slender pair of dangling diamond-edged earrings 18,617   !!
long platinum hat pin tipped in diamondique 60,253   No
gold-edged ivory cufflinks 6,981   No
elegant diamond-tipped lady's cloak pin 18,617   No
On the silver stand
Item Price Done
silver-edged Wayerd pyramid 4,102