River Fisher

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The River Fisher
Province Forfedhdar
Town Ain Ghazal
Map Ranik's Map 114
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ain Ghazal Auberge, The River Fisher]
Tables covered in snowy linen are scattered across a plush brandy-colored carpet, with centerpieces of flowers and candles lighting each table. The pale glow of overhead chandeliers, along with dim light from the floor-to-ceiling windows creatively framed with gossamer burgundy drapes, maintains a subdued ambiance. The soft hum of conversation and the clink of heavy silver cutlery on fine china provide the background for an intimate dining experience. You also see some elegantly draped curtains.

Menu 1: Distinctive Beverages
Item Price Done
1) Effervescent Ain Ghazal Champagne - A delight from our own mountain vineyards 35   
2) Ain Ghazal White Wine - A dry gold wine, fragrant and full-bodied 30   
3) Ain Ghazal Red Wine - A seductive play of flavors, hinting of floral complexity 30   
4) Ain Ghazal Lorjan Brandy - Apple, plum, peach, cherry, apricot, or berry (in season) 35   
5) Ain Ghazal Ouisque - We accept the challenge of our Lethean Sisters! 40   
6) Pure Green Elothean Suur Wine - Dry and refreshing with an herbaceous aroma and flavor 30   
7) Emerald Ain Ghazal Absinthe - Not for the faint of heart! 40   
8) Pure Glacial Water - Specially harvested from glacial mountain ice 10   
Menu 2: Exceptional Dining Selections
Item Price Done
9) Royal Sturgeon Caviar - Only the finest, freshest caviar, served with barely buttered lightly toasted bread from our ovens 25   !!
10) Lemon Bream Fillet - Delicately broiled over desert mesquite logs and served with a unique tomato and tarragon dip 25   !!
11) Stuffed Fanged Pike - Fresh from the river, stuffed with wild-onion infused sausage before baking on herbed stones 30   !!
12) Starry Trout Fillet - Fried with wild musrooms, garlic and our own sherry, served on a bed of wild rice and slivered almonds 30   !!
13) Grilled Garamor - Lightly marinated in white wine, wild ginger and scallions, and seared to perfection 35   
14) Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta - A delicious medley of angel hair pasta tossed with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled onion in olive oil 20   !!
15) Seared Pepper Steak - Flambeed in Ain Ghazal brandy with cracked black peppercorns and finished with a touch of cream 35   !!
16) Lemon Chicken Breast - Grilled to moist perfection, and smothered in a sauce of lemon, butter, white wine, and capers 30   !!
Menu 3: Tasteful Side Dishes and Salads
Item Price Done
17) Creamy Clam Chowder - Full of tender clams, cream, and herbs 25   
18) Our House Salad - Fresh spinach in and anchovy-based dressing 15   !!
19) Octopus and Conch Salad - in olive oil and red wine vinegar 25   !!
20) Paper-thin Fried Potatoes - Crispy and delicious, lightly salted 15   !!
21) Tender Baby Carrots - Sauteed in fresh creamery butter 15   !!
Menu 4: Tempting Desserts
Item Price Done
22) Warm Triple Berry Cobbler - Cloudberries, blackberries, and strawberries topped with a flakey crust and served with vanilla ice cream 25   !!
23) Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae - Rich dark chocolate chip brownies smothered in vanilla ice cream and our own hot fudge sauce 25   
24) Orange Fondue - Tangy slices of fresh orange drizzled with warmed creamy chocolate sauce and garnished with chocolate mousse 30   !!
25) Chocolate Supreme - Chocolate cake with an oozing fudge center topped with chocolate sauce and garnished with chocolate mousse 30   
26) Mint Vanilla Ice-Cream - Creamy vanilla ice-cream layered with green mint liqueur and topped with sinfully rich whipped cream 30   !!
27) Champagne and Cloudberry Sorbet - Fresh cloudberries and the elegance of champagne, garnished with fresh mint leaves 30