Ain Ghazal Estate Holder Club

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Found on the island of Ain Ghazal. The entrance, from the Ain Ghazal Chateau at the top of the island spiral road, is east and then down the walkway. Within the building can be found a gem buyer, specialized vault & bank books, refreshments and items to pick.
Note that the Estate Holder banking services can be found near the island docks, in the same building as the Trader outpost and stable.

[Ain Ghazal, Formal Parlor]
This warm and inviting room welcomes members with complimentary libations, appetizers and even full meals for those requiring such sustenance. Elegant furniture is spaced to meet all needs. A private nook hosts an individual lounge for one who might wish to quietly read a novel. There are also luxurious armchairs encircling a commodious oval table around which a coterie of close friends might gather. Well-lit by several ornate chandeliers, the room is designed to create a friendly ambiance. You also see a silver beverage salver with several things on it, an ornate cherrywood bar with several things on it, the front doors, a dessert cart with several things on it, a beautifully lifesculpted door and a classic mahogany sideboard with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the dessert cart
Item Price Done
a creamy cheesecake topped with a fragrant raspberry sauce 0   !!
a glazed urn of Toghallian yak milk frappe 0   !!
a filigreed silver bowl of plump red strawberries dusted with powdered sugar 0   !!
a gold-etched crystal bowl filled with thick sweet ambrosia 0   !!
a silver plate of rich double-fudge brownies with lacy white chocolate icing 0   !!
a walnut cake with warm applesauce 0   !!
On the silver beverage salver
Item Price Done
a silver kettle of hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon shavings 0   
a pot of vanilla-spiced tea 0   DG
a dewy pitcher of mint iced tea 0   !!
a frosty decanter of water with lemon wedges decorating the rim 0   
a silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   DG
On the ornate cherrywood bar
Item Price Done
a deeply incised glass ewer of Halfling-picked taffelberry tipple 0   !!
a tight-grained silver-banded oak cask of Rakash golden ale 0   !!
an ornamental crystal decanter of glowing Elothean windhaze 0   !!
a wide-mouthed carafe of Elven frostwynne flavored with snowpears 0   
an oversized porcelain flagon of Prydaen bloodwine 0   
a hefty earthenware jug of 'Tog Fist grog 0   
a magnum of chilled S'Kra nectar 0   !!
On the mahogany sideboard
Item Price Done
a dish of oysters roasted with shallots and served in a creamy garlic sauce 0   !!
a shell-shaped porcelain dish laden with succulent grilled lobster tails and a savory shrimp stuffing 0   !!
a plate of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   !!
a platter of pan-fried rainbow trout topped with slivered almonds 0   !!
a silver platter bearing a stuffed peacock dressed with outspread tailfeathers 0   !!
a silver vessel of fire-roasted river prawns in a tangy peanut sauce 0   !!
a tray of salmon in a colorful bed of sauteed vegetables and bean sprouts 0   !!
a salad of watercress and tiny wild carrots in an aromatic mustard vinaigrette 0   !!
a porcelain bowl of shelled shrimp sauteed in butter with almonds and coconut 0   !!

[Ain Ghazal, Professional Affairs]
Paneled in oak of superior quality and cut, this stately room functions as the Society's center of business operations. A dignified oak desk, scattered with piles of papers held in place with a variety of paperweights, occupies a position of command in the center of the room. Neat stacks of bank books and vault books distinctly designed to honor Ain Ghazal rest on a platinum tray. The civil servant seated at the desk works busily at writing and filing, seeming to take no notice of you or anyone else. You also see a wide window.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the platinum tray
Item Price Done
vault book designed as a tribute to Ain Ghazal 0   !!
bank book designed as a tribute to Ain Ghazal 0   !!

[Ain Ghazal, Premium Society Garden North]
The Journalai Mountains monopolize the view to the north, overshadowing even the highest towers of the Chateau. An ambrosial fragrance wafts through the air, undoubtedly emanating from the carefully cultivated beds of flowers that weave through the cherry tree orchard. Some garden chairs and lounges padded with soft cushions invite friends to gather around a table with an attached umbrella. You also see a wide window in the Society building.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the large cherry tree
Item Price Done
Some ruby-red cherries hang from the cherry tree. 0   !!

[Ain Ghazal, Premium Society Garden West]
A breathtaking panoramic vantage point lies just beyond the peach tree grove. The Segoltha River races from the west and crashes against the island's huge boulders, creating magnificent sprays of water that glisten with rainbows whenever touched by a ray of sunlight. Scattered lawn chairs and lounges offer the opportunity to relax while enjoying the spectacle, and a table with an enormous attached umbrella is available for those who might wish to gather and converse. You also see a wide window in the Society building.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the large peach tree
Item Price Done
A juicy ripe peach hangs from the peach tree. 0   !!

[Ain Ghazal, Premium Society Garden South]
The spectacular view encompasses dense forests spread over mountain ranges unfolding to the south, but the most notable geologic feature is the monumental peak of Mount Hibarnhvidar. A stand of pear trees lines the bluff, where you can see ferries navigating between the South Dock and the Haalikshal Highway on the other side of the river. Flourishing beds of flowers impart a delicate floral aroma, and luxurious outdoor chairs and lounges are arranged near a table fastened securely with a huge umbrella. You also see a wide window in the Society building.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

On the stout pear tree
Item Price Done
A ripe golden pear hangs from the pear tree. 0   !!