Inner Beauty

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Inner Beauty
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Ain Ghazal
Map Ranik's Map 114
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cosmetics shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ain Ghazal Auberge, Inner Beauty]
Warm peach sponged with subtle shades of pink and cream paint adorns the walls, harmonizing with the rich orange-red tones of the flamewood arch. A hint of sandalwood perfumes the air with its exotic fragrance. Mirrors in carved teak frames reflect the flattering glow of the bayberry tapers positioned atop the counters and shelves, brightening the room. You also see an elegantly inscribed sign, a delicate mahogany escritoire with some stuff on it, and a small teak table with some stuff on it.

An elegantly inscribed sign reads:

Welcome to Inner Beauty, helping your outer self reflect the inner.
The counter contains several jars of kohl, as well as beautiful phials 
of lotion to give the skin a youthful glow.  Various shades of rouge may 
be found upon the shelves (be sure to check the contents to verify it 
will harmonize with your skin tones), as well as lip tints on the table 
and colorful powders to highlight the eyes upon the escritoire.
On the flamewood shelf
Item Price Done
translucent carnelian jar - (honey-gold blush) 270   No
dainty lapis lazuli jar - (rich jade-green blush) 270   No
graceful moss agate jar - (copper blush) 270   !!
curving soapstone jar - (silver blush) 270   !!
carved rose quartz jar - (golden blush) 270   !!
polished mahogany jar - (delicate peach blush) 270   !!
fluted marble jar - (rose blush) 270   !!
On the teak counter
Item Price Done
small jade kohl pot - (eyelash accentuation) 270   !!
alabaster kohl pot - (eyelash accentuation) 270   
carved ivory kohl pot - (eyelash accentuation) 270   !!
slender cobalt glass phial - (youthful glow to skin) 270   !!
graceful celadon phial - (youthful glow to skin) 270   !!
curving milk glass phial - (youthful glow to skin) 270   !!
On the teak table
Item Price Done
gold-swirled ruby glass vial - (vivid red lip tint) 270   !!
opaque blue glass vial - (soft blue lip tint) 270   No
rounded green glass vial - (emerald lip tint) 270   No
fluted onyx vial - (night-black lip tint) 270   No
rotund cobalt glass vial - (lush coral lip tint) 270   No
amber glass vial - (wine-red lip tint) 270   
primitive terra cotta vial - (garnet lip tint) 270   !!
delicate porcelain vial - (pale pink lip tint) 270   !!
On the mahogany escritoire
Item Price Done
soft brown porcelain box - (violet eyeshadow) 270   No
dusky pink porcelain box - (chocolate-brown eyeshadow) 270   No
dark grey porcelain box - (delicate apricot eyeshadow) 270   !!
fragile gold porcelain box - (warm gold eyeshadow) 270   No
shallow black porcelain box - (sapphire-blue eyeshadow) 270   !!
rounded red porcelain box - (sea-green eyeshadow) 270   !!
dainty white porcelain box - (teal-green eyeshadow) 270   !!
gilded blue porcelain box - (pale blue eyeshadow) 270   !!