Sephina's Lockbane

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Sephina's Lockbane
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Ain Ghazal
Map Ranik's Map 114
Owner Sephina
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Locksmithing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Sephina's Lockbane]
Chiseled in an elegantly textured style, limestone walls enclose this small building. Two airy open windows flank the arched doorway, small terracotta pots filled with leafy green plants resting on the windowsills. Just past a richly woven rug spread on the floor is a low stone counter guarding an array of locksmithing supplies on the shelves against the back wall. Sephina sits on a padded brocade stool near a small side window displaying a view of the island. You also see a smooth limestone counter.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
ordinary metal lockpick 157   !!
quality copper lockpick tipped with a tiny onyx rose 3,608   
stout azure lockpick 248   !!
shimmering diamondique lockpick 13,530   !!
night-black lockpick 157   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
crystalline lockpick ring 2,345   !!
ivory lockpick ring 2,318   No
onyx lockpick ring 2,277   !!
diamondique lockpick ring 2,570   


  • Sephina will also open boxes for a fee. Just put the box on the counter, and she'll give you an estimate.
  • There are a few flowers to pick from this shop. While they do not show in the room description during the daytime, they are still there and can be interacted with.