Abeyant Orison (2.0)

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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Abeyant Orison
Abbreviation: AO
Prerequisites: Osrel Meraud, 30th circle
Minimum Prep: 10
Casting Cap: 40
Valid Spell Target: Osrel Meraud orbs
Description: The Abeyant Orison spell lets you intercept self cast, beneficial spells and place them at rest within an Osrel Meraud orb. Later, by invoking the Abeyant Orison spell from the orb, you can release the energy of the spells stored within, activating all of them rapidly.

Abeyant Orison is known to work with almost all beneficial spells, even those outside the realm of Holy magic, though the strength of those spells is limited based on the energy invested in the initial casting. The Osrel Meraud orb must be attuned to Abeyant Orison in order to place any spell in abeyance.

Example Messaging: Through your magical link to the cerulean orb, you force it to spin with incredible speed!

The structure of your spell manifests in the air as a pattern of dazzling light, swirling inexorably toward the spinning orb. Your orb lets out a short burst of light along its axis as the spell impacts its surface, disappearing from this plane and into timeless abeyance.

The seals keeping your magic in abeyance begin to rapidly decay.

With the matrix that had suppressed them no longer sealed, the spells you had placed in abeyance come rushing back into the Plane of Abiding!

You feel the <Spellname> spell come rushing back!


  • AO can hold one to five different self-targeted and non-held beneficial spells that are invoked all at once. Normal spellcasting roundtime and costs occur when the spell enters abeyance.
    • Like any spell in your OM orb, Abeyant Orison requires some energy in the orb.
    • After you prepare Abeyant Orison, you finish the cast by TOUCHing the orb, rather than CASTing.
    • The OM orb must be TURNed to AO in order to capture spells. If you wish to cast normally, simply TURN the orb without referencing a spell.
    • With spell capturing toggled on, simply cast a spell normally. Note that the power of your AO spell determines how powerful the spells you can capture with it are.
  • To activate spells held in abeyance TURN orb to AO and then INVOKE.
    • There is a slight delay between invoking and activation. Spells that have special or extended roundtimes (such as Persistence of Mana) will apply them as normal when they are unleashed.
  • Spells held in abeyance do not decay over time, but drainage of the OM orb with AO is in direct relation to how many spells are in abeyance.

Guildleader Comments

  • "This one is one of my favorites," Esuin continues, nodding. "There's something sublimely pleasing about dodging a spray of Necromancer teeth, their jaws having smacked the floor in surprise. Once, I even saw one's eyes pop out of her head. It was hilarious."
  • "I find this spell very reassuring," Jelna continues. "It's useful even when I wouldn't expect it to be! By the luck of Be'ort, when I'm reading my lantern always burns out when I get to the good part. That's when a fresh Divine Radiance matrix always pays off. I don't even want to think about preparing a spell when I'm reviewing guild contracts... or worrying about whether Nalia will choose Lorminus or Herdinin," she says, gushing a little.
  • "This spell has an poignant history," Sothavi continues. "First discovered years ago, the only scroll of it sat, literally, in abeyance for seven decades, collecting dust in a sub-basement of the Crossing temple. It wasn't until that structure was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt that anyone noticed the yellowed scroll with the word 'Abeyance' scrawled at the top of it."
    "Unfortunately, its liberator was an upstart acolyte of little merit, connected to a guild official who shall remain nameless. He misread the scroll's title as "Obedience" and believed it the secret to controlling familiars. Only after he perished in the jaws of a black bear did anyone pay attention to the peculiar scroll, which has since been translated by High Priestess Tallis. The spell was given its current title to stave off confusion, though some Warrior Mages still mockingly refer to it as "Obey-ance".
  • "It'd be a polite day in Crossing before I'd leave the guild without this one," Innu says.
  • "You'll find this spell especially useful when you surrounded by foes and have no time to cast," Eydtha continues. "It's quite the life saver. Maybe if I'd had it, I wouldn't have..." She pauses to trace a line across the ragged scar on her neck.
  • Kor'yvyn: "It'd be nice if attack spells also worked with Abeyant Orison, but even the most powerful Clerics among us are unable to perform that feat. As you may be aware, people have tried. Even I gave it a shot. Then there was that infamous incident with poor Loenima Oerl. She was one of the first to use Divine Radiance aggressively. But for all her brilliance, she forgot to get favors before trying to intercept a self-cast Aesrela Everild. Her gift for research was surpassed only by her faith in Huldah, bless her soul."