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Merelew Factions HE2020 · on 10/30/2020 20:05 6819
As promised, here are the factions for HE2020, and the Merelew. Please choose wisely, you will only be able to support one.

Within Merelew society, six prominent factions have risen in power, each with their own ideas about how to best clean up the island and serve its people. While they each have their own views, they all have the shared goal of bettering Andreshlew. You can pick one to support – be aware that lending support for one faction reduces your efforts to support another.

Depth Shapers - What Kermorians would call life sculptors, these are shapers of calcium bearing sea forms, such as corals, tubeworms, and various shells. They are primarily artists, often showcasing their work in live performances. Their work comes in all sizes, from wearable trinkets to magnificent architecture. While they closely guard the secret of this variant of life sculpting, they are egalitarian with respect to the style of art it is used for, and are very excited for cultural exchanges with Kermorians. There are whispers that Depth Shapers of exceptional skill are able to work metals into their designs, and make particularly deadly weapons and armors, though this is frowned upon, as failure can render a Shaper unable to ever work again.

Inverted Crucible - These are alchemists who utilize the wide-ranging compounds found in the ocean’s depths to unlimited purpose, from making medicines, cosmetics, untearable fabrics, stunning dyes, and purified metals. Their name comes from the approach to performing air requiring chemical reactions: a large dome is inverted and filled with air, and within the dry space, the work can begin. Accordingly, one of the first lessons an initiate must master is control of the Air Bubble spell. This group may feature strong Elemental magic users who excel at Fire and Air spells. They are blacksmiths, weavers, and engineers and they value handcrafts.

Trickling Sun - These ecologists seek to live in harmony with the ocean’s flora and fauna, tending to massive gardens of kelp and coral, fostering schools of fish and other creatures. While they do tend to these creatures, it should be emphasized that Merelew are largely not vegetarians. Many of their practices would be considered shamanistic, and they enjoy a respected standing in Merelew society, being cultural leaders and advisors. This group primarily uses Life magic and has members that would be most akin to Empaths and Rangers. They are still reeling from the damage the Spider caused, and while skeptical of outsiders, they remain open minded to opening their borders and learning about other cultures and ecologies. This group is particularly aghast at rumors of Necromancy, and vehemently oppose such a defilement of the balance.

Red Fan Traders - Merchants and Traders, the Red Fan recognize opportunity for profit in all things and keep the wheels of Merelew society turning efficiently. While historically profit was not a central drive for the Merelew, increased exposure with drylanders led to an increased desire for profit. The Red Fan works tightly with all the other clans, and due to their politicking and wealth, were the strongest advocates of opening Andreshlew’s borders for more outside trade. They excel at math, and only a fool would try and haggle with a Red Fan Trader!

Supplicants of the Tide - While Merelew observed the stars and the moons, the Supplicants hold that even knowable, natural phenomena are due to the influences of Aluna. As the seas are in flux, so too are the Supplicants precepts of Aluna. Historically, Merelew do not adhere to the notion of aspects, their belief having molded Eluned into Aluna. However, as contact with drylanders continued, some Merelew have morphed each Immortal into an aquatic representation that embodies all three aspects into one. The Supplicants are the most traditional of the factions of the Merelew. They do not proselytize, and recognize the High Temple's connection to the divine, though they maintain their interpretation to be the most accurate. This group may feature strong Holy magic users, and be particularly aghast at rumors of Necromancers.

Finally, the Gillborn Loyalists - These include a group of older advisors and spies to the crown, and they disdain outsiders. For decades, they have been advocates of returning to isolation, fully closing Andreshlew’s borders. Recently they have begun to spread the belief that the outsiders are responsible for the Spider that contaminated their waters. While they enjoy high standing in the court, they are viewed as traditionalists and are losing respect among the more popular factions. This has led to the Loyalists to act from the shadows, and resort to more subtle influential means, including assassination and bribery. Adventurers would be advised to keep an eye out for these dangerous and fiercely loyal Merelew!
[Adventurers may not support the Gillborn Loyalists!]

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