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Elven Lifesculpting

See On Lifesculpting (book).

Uwresari on Lifesculpting

Uwresari says, "Lifesculpting is... hard to explain. It's about spending a great deal of time to exert your will on a substance. To slowly shape it into what you want. You could do the same thing with tools in a fraction of the time."

Prydaen Lifesculpting


The teachings of the Triquetra are stridently against permanent structures and anything that would be viewed as defilement of the natural world. In the West, the closest the Prydaen came to crossing this line was Sungrove City (Hub).

Temples are not created, though there are areas that were considered holy and Prydaen often went to these areas for religious reasons, though to them, Eu is everywhere. Few of these areas have been discovered in the East and the ones in the West are considered to be lost. While the Triquetra do now offer favors in a manner similiar to the Thirteen, this does not change the traditional Prydaenese view of living within the bounds of nature.

Permanent structures of any kind are generally not created, though adaptations in the East have been made among all but the Desert Prydaen, who continue to live only in collapsible huts and tents.


Among the Prydaen, lifesculpting is a blanket term used to convey the enormity of the Triquetra changing nature in order to fulfill a need or request, be it for ore, wood, foods, shelter, or personal items.

Lifesculpting is a unique topic, as Prydaen do not seek to take from Eu, but rather, make requests from nature that may or may not be denied. These requests are never done lightly and generally marked by a special event, such as a bonding between two Prydaen. In this situation, a request may be made by the couple and the Claws for an item, or in the event that leaders within a Hub believe a Prydaen has earned a Pr'raaho for certain outstanding actions.

What makes an item lifesculpted?
A material ceases to be lifesculpted once it is altered from the form in which the Triquetra provide it to the Prydaen. For example, if the request is made for kadepa, the provided kadepa is considered lifesculpted, but once taken and used to create something, the product is not considered lifesculpted.
What Prydaen crafters are able to lifesculpt?
There are no crafts people among the Prydaen that are capable of lifesculpting on their own. These requests are typically done within a Hub by a group of Prydaen and performed in a very specific ritual that differs slightly from Hub to Hub.

GM Oolan Jeel Notes

Elves and Prydaen Lifesculpt in different ways. A few Prydaens with very close connections to the Three can ask for nature to help them out. This has been discussed before in that Prydaens would never have chosen to mine minerals from Eu's Lands, nor cut down trees for wood. Instead they asked the Three for help and whichever of the Three was listening would decide if help would be granted and if so, how much was deemed worthy. So in that regards, no Prydaen do not lifescuplt as the Elves know it.

Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor is capable of faster results than an Elf, but is also unlikely to change things just for the sake of making something pretty. That is why Pr'raahos must be earned and are concidered to be extremely special for those that have been granted one. Elves on the other hand do the work themselves and so are not limited in any way on what the end result will be, nor would an Elven lifesculpter find that nature doesn't agree with his or her vision.


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