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Vien De'Lionne
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Occultist Vien De'Lionne, Arcane Researcher, a Prydaen.
Vien has tufted ears and cat-slitted jade eyes. Her black mane is long and fine, and is worn loosely piled atop her head. She has blue-grey fur with black points, a thick tail and a slender figure.
She is tall for a Prydaen.
She is a wind-catcher for a Prydean.

She is wearing a pair of cat-eye spectacles with glossy black frames, a delicate silver earcuff set with a blue gold shariza, a delicate silver nose ring secured by an etched moonstone bead, a sleek sarrak of midnight-hued silk, an exquisite nightsilk pack, a simple silver ring cradling a small onyx sphere, an albredine crystal ring and some rune inscribed toe-rings.

Early Life

Vien was born in the year 341 AV amidst the Prydaen migration to Kermoria. At birth, her mother had given her into the care of some from Demrris's Claw, telling them only her name and that she was of the Forest Prydaen. Walking was all Vien knew in the first decade and a half of her life as they pressed Eastward. Her mother never came to reclaim her.

She was 16 when they arrived in Rivercrossing. Having had quite enough of the near constant companionship of her kin, she hastily said her goodbyes and parted ways with them, eager to see what this new territory had to offer.

Education & Career

What inspired her decision to join the guild of Moon Mages is anybody's guess, as she has produced various conflicting accounts of the event. It is known that at some point she found herself under the disapproving gaze of Guildmaster Tiv. Having come from a people with no appreciable written history to speak of, she could neither read nor write — a fact she didn't reveal until after he had graciously granted her admittance into the guild. She was sent to the library and ordered not to return until she bore some semblance of an actual student.

As it turned out, the more scholarly pursuits of Moon Magery suited her well. Under the patient tutelage of the librarian of the Crystal Hand Fortress, Vien learned to read and to write in an elegant and steady hand. She became quite the researcher, sometimes dedicating weeks at a time to the careful dissection of a single volume. Her favorite subjects were spell formulae, history, occult lores and theology. Tiv's order satisfied, she began to travel abroad in search of more varied research materials. It was after a hefty fine for attempting to pilfer a book from the Gealeranendae College in Therenborough that she decided a more practical method of information archival was necessary, and she began transcribing her own copies of interesting volumes and squirreling them away in her personal library for future reference.


Vien has lived in every province except Forfedhdar, although she makes no particular allegiances to any city or ruler. For several years in her twenties she belonged to the Theren Guard, acting as their Historian and helping to draft their original charter. This affiliation ended when she helped to plan and orchestrate a mutiny against Lord Valkrin Hedeon and the subsequent exodus of many of their more well-established members. She participated in the Sorrow War, initially supporting Darkensi and later the resistance effort. She was an avid participant in the Mirror Wraith Prophecy and is one of the few who can claim to have seen Tezirah Eilsina in the flesh. She's held idle conversations with members of the Claw of Tenemlor on many occasions, a group she admires greatly but faults for their relative inaction and ineffectiveness in the Lyras debacle. She's been rumored to have at one point been a Chancellor for the Sanguine Eye but she dismisses this claim as the prattling of busybodies. Most recently, she has voiced support for the Inquisition and their efforts to root out Necromancy, while privately continuing her own research on the subject in the hopes that it may one day be useful to their cause.

Present Day

Having no place in particular to call home, Vien tends to wander, although she gravitates primarily to the Zoluren area. Despite the resources available to her as a Moon Mage, she often prefers to travel by foot – a habit learned in her early life. She reasons that this practice allows her to see more of the world and that walking has never caused her to explode. She enjoys the simple pleasures of hunting and studying, choosing only rarely to involve herself in political or social matters. She has no mate, no children and no known relatives. She finds that a lifestyle with as few obligations as possible suits her well and affords her many freedoms that she might otherwise be forced to sacrifice.