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Race Prydaen
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


You see Warlord Vashir Azra of M'riss, a Prydaen.
He has pointed ears and cat-slitted sullenly glowing blue-white eyes. His black mane is shoulder length and fine, and is worn loose. He has white fur with black stripes, a thick tail and a brawny build.
He is tall for a Prydaen.


Vashir is one of the few Barbarians to favor heavy plate, and wears a unique set of armor enhanced with anlora-avtoma, a rare metal said to be resistant to magic.

-a darkened steel helm crafted into a draconic skull with twisted anlora-avtoma horns
Smooth, seamless metal mimics the ridges and curves of real bone, with four pristinely polished blue-white spikes curving to flank the beastly visage. An elongated maw filled with rows of razor-sharp anlora-avtoma fangs gapes open to expose the lower face of the wearer, with the bottom jaw curving down to protect the throat.

-some articulated darkened steel gauntlets with sharp anlora-avtoma talons
Thin metal plates overlap to allow for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility. Ornamental talons crafted from anlora-avtoma curve over the knuckles, and the back of each gauntlet features a sharply stylized Triquetra symbol inlaid with the same blue-white metal.

-some sinuous warlord's plate armor fitted with overlapping darkened steel scales
Spiked pauldrons adorn the shoulders, each bearing a sharply stylized Triquetra symbol inlaid with polished blue-white anlora-avtoma. Large, interlocking draconic scales reinforced with slightly raised ridges form an almost impenetrable barrier while still allowing for impressive mobility.

He has extensive training in many weapon types, but favors heavy thrown weapons, heavy crossbows, and unarmed brawling.

Early Life

Born into poverty on the floating city of Mer'Kresh, Vashir grew up as the third son of a fisherman with almost nothing to set him apart from any other child. Indeed, the only thing remotely unusual about him was his luck - where most of his siblings eventually fell prey to the hazards of daily life on Mer'Kresh, he always demonstrated an uncanny ability to avoid harm. This only encouraged his already powerful sense of adventure, and before long he found himself growing restless and dissatisfied with his apparent destiny as a poor fisherman. This is why, in his fifteenth year, Vashir left the city of his birth to seek a new life on the mainland, severing all ties with the family that refused to support this choice.

Through the years Vashir's memories of his childhood have faded, rarely discussed and never enjoyed, but he hasn't forgotten what he considers the most important lesson one learns while growing up in such a dangerous place, surrounded by some of the most powerful adventurers in the world: Might makes right.

The Barbarian Guild

Since joining the guild in 393 AV Vashir has distinguished himself primarily through his devotion to training, which scarcely wavered even with the outbreak of the war with Lyras and her undead horde. Early mistakes have slowed his rate of advancement considerably, but he was nevertheless able to achieve Legendary status within the guild by age 19 and continues to push himself higher still.

The Undead War

Vashir was among those who fought off Lyras's initial onslaught, but chose not to go too far out of his way to aid local defense forces after that point. However, he is not one to avoid battle, and always rushed to meet the undead hordes when fighting broke out nearby. This led to sporadic participation in skirmishes throughout the five provinces.

Tachid was the only general to succeed in killing Vashir, but this - combined with several defeats at the hands of other powerful undead - motivated him to train harder than ever before as defeating Tachid became one of his primary goals.

In the summer of 397 AV Tachid led a portion of the undead army in an attack on Shard, where the city's strongest defenders met him with fierce resistance. Vashir caught wind of this and arrived in time to deliver the killing blow, thereby ending his personal interest in the war.

Mere days after this victory a plan was put into motion to defeat Lyras and her undead army once and for all. While the majority of the fighting took place in Forfedhdar, Vashir and a small group of other warriors remained in Crossing to protect the High Temple, which would play a critical part in the lich's downfall. During the battle Sahfra, strongest among Lyras's risen, led a vicious assault on the city, but was soundly defeated before she could breach the temple defenses. Although it took the combined effort of many heroes to bring her down it was Vashir who struck the final blow, killing her one last time with a simple log foraged from just outside the city gates after the loss of his throwing hammer earlier in the battle.

Shortly after this Lyras met her ultimate end, bringing the war to a close.

Personal Info

Vashir is known to keep to himself for the most part, rarely choosing to become involved in the business of others. Exceptions to this include matters pertaining to the Inquisition and the PHA, both of which he supports. Rumors suggest that he may also take on mercenary work if the price is right, but he does little to advertise this service.

He has a great deal of respect for Everild, Kuniyo, and Trothfang, but exclusively seeks the favor of Eu.

He has had numerous romantic interests over the years but eventually found his soulmate in Laniea Azra, and the two remain happily bonded to this day.