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Real Date Game Date The Custodian Disc Logs
5/13/21 438-03 A SUMMARY! Current Events/Logs/08-21-2021-Log

Event Listing

 Calendar date isGame date isEvent instance is
Current Events/Logs/08-21-2021-Log21 August 2021439-02-26Prime
Current Events/Logs/434-4-26-Log of Piercing the Temporal Veil28 April 2020434-4-26Prime
Current Events/Logs/434-6-38-Log of Understanding the Dance31 May 2020434-6-38Prime
Current Events/Logs/436-01-06-Log of A Mission of Mercy: Part 210 October 2020436-01-06Prime
Current Events/Logs/436-02-22-Log of A Mission of Mercy: Part 324 October 2020436-02-22Prime
Current Events/Logs/Log of A Mission of Mercy: Part 122 September 2020435-09-14Prime
Event:Event test8 April 21437/09/13Platinum
Event:event test two2 March 2020436/07/11Prime
Eyst/Inquiry Forest of Night/Event Log 14 June 2021Prime
Eyst/Inquiry Forest of Night/Event Log 225 September 2021439-06-05Prime
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Weapon Table

 Puncture damage is numberSlice damage is numberImpact damage is numberBalance is numberSuitedness is numberConstruction is number
"BOOT LICKER" bolt9347
"BROWN-NOSER" bolt9347
"CAPITULATE" arrow5527
"CAUTION: POINTY" spear11547611
"CLOTPOLE" bolt9347
"COME AT ME" arrow5527
"DIE!" pellet3067
"DONE YET?" spear843657
"DOOFUS" pellet3067
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Enchantment Tables


 Potency is numberComplexity is numberPrecision is numberGrade is numberEbonus isFlare isFdecoration is
Aldamdin staff etched with numerous sigils10183
Asharsh'dai wildland machete with an elaborately sculpted Imperial coral handle42magnitudeFrost
Balanced tyrium nodachi inlaid with verdant moonsilver21021magnitudeFrost
Blackthorn shillelagh inlaid with green gold knotwork41041durabilityNature
Bogbirch quarterstaff inlaid with Gerenshuge calligraphy21021proc chanceNature
Brass-inlaid mace with an ironwood haft21021magnitudeFire
Bright red indurium scimitar dangling a trio of feathers from its hilt21021magnitudeFire
Ceremonial iron greatsword enriched with Gorbesh iconography21magnitudeFire
Charred flamewood throwing hammer with a dragon-shaped head21021magnitudeFire
Colossal silversteel lance with an elaborate stormfire topaz inlay3proc chanceElectricsteel-blue
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 Potency is numberComplexity is numberPrecision is numberGrade is numberEbonus isFlare isFdecoration is
Agonite lamellar helm sculpted with the visage of a blazing phoenix21022magnitudeFire
Agonite mail balaclava set with dragon fire opal eyes21024magnitudeFire
Agonite mail gloves firestained with gold and vermilion hues21022magnitudeFire
Agonite mail gloves tipped with dragon fire opal talons21024magnitudeFire
Agonite mail greaves patterned with dragon fire opal flames21024magnitudeFire
Agonite mail shirt layered over dusky dreamweave padding21024magnitudeFire
Agonite plate gauntlets lined with firesilk padding21021magnitudeFire
Agonite plate mask firestained with gold and vermilion hues21022magnitudeFire
Austere battle odaj of somber black leather21021magnitudeElectricblack
Banded hauberk with interwoven brass and bronze bands21022magnitudeFire
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 Potency is numberComplexity is numberPrecision is numberGrade is numberEbonus isFlare isFdecoration is
Black diamond-studded ceremonial shield emblazoned with a burgundy raven21021proc chanceFire
Bogbirch war shield plated in ka'hurst21magnitudeElectric
Dented pot lid dappled with scorch marks21022magnitudeFire
Firestained starsteel shield centered with a yavasite conflagration1010102magnitudeFirecharcoal-black
Gladiator's scutum emblazoned with a boar beneath three lightning bolts22proc chanceElectric
Gleaming agonite ceremonial shield engraved with a labyrinthine design21021durabilityFire
Gleaming warrior's shield edged in white mistglass1Frost
Glittery cupcake-shaped targe sprinkled with raspberry-pink spikes21022proc chanceGlitter
Hammered ka'hurst shield of abyssal black21022proc chanceGlitter
Icesteel buckler encrusted with tiny winter emeralds42proc chanceFrosticy blue
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 Potency is numberComplexity is numberPrecision is numberGrade is numberEbonus isGlamour isGdecoration is
Anglerfish carved from slick grey-green stone1071reduced activation time, accuracy (TM)
Baleful lion dragon faceted from a fire whirl ruby1042magnitude, damage (TM)
Belzune donkey buckle decorated with multi-colored chrysoberyls101093magnitudeManalustrous gold
Bracelet of dried corn kernels812Wind
Brilliant azure ayabere scepter1082reduced activation time, accuracy (TM)
Coursing Hound of Rutilor forged from windsteel1042magnitude, accuracy (TM)
Crystal-bone globe caught in a web of interlocking finivire twigs83reduced activation time, damage (TM)
Dark sokis amulet carved into a stylized eye101071activation
Diacan codex inlaid with moonsilver92magnitude, accuracy (TM)
Ethereal Phelim shell sliced lengthwise1042magnitude, accuracy (TM)
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