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A property for declairing the maximum amount of stored mana for items such as cambrinth and gaethzen.
Type: Number

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A leaf-bladed spear set with cambrinth rings +24  +
Acenite and cambrinth armband in the shape of an icy blue-scaled leviathan +32  +
Alabaster wool skullcap trimmed with cambrinth knotwork +15  +
Alerce Bardic Spirit Knot charm with rippled cambrinth edges +8  +
Amber and cambrinth sow +32  +
Amber-eyed cambrinth wolf +32  +
Amethyst and ivory bracer inset with cambrinth song notes +32  +
Amethyst pendant shaped like a bunch of grapes +10  +
Amethyst-petaled cambrinth iris with a dark emerald stem +16  +
Angular Wayerd pyramid inlaid with cambrinth moons +10  +
Anklet made of linked silver stars with dangling cambrinth moons +4  +
Anklet of interlocked lightning bolts surrounding tiny cambrinth clouds +4  +
Antiqued silver wristcuff inlaid with a cambrinth skull +32  +
Aquamarine and brown diving troll butterfly +16  +
Archer's cambrinth wristcuff +32  +
Armband displaying an array of cambrinth lotus flowers +50  +
Articulated cambrinth bracer crafted from overlapping scales +32  +
Articulated gold bracer studded with cambrinth lightning bolts +32  +


Bamboo-edged cambrinth ring +4  +
Bardic Spirit Knot pin of gold with cambrinth inlay +7  +
Bardic Spirit Knot pin of silver with cambrinth inlay +7  +
Bashful gaethzen shadowling +108  +
Baying cambrinth hound +32  +
Beaded silver cambrinth bracelet +8  +
Bejeweled cambrinth bracer embossed with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild +32  +
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