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Description: A property to declare how many items an autoloot or spacious container can hold.
Type: number

There are currently 233 items in this property, 11 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Abyssal black thigh bag +10  +
Alabaster canvas arm-worn case +30  +
Amber silk arm pouch with leather straps +30  +
Arched ribbon-stripe cupboard with silver filigree cup hooks +10  +
Ash-grey oilcloth arm purse +30  +
Astronomical alerce mosaic wall +1  +
Austere war bag composed of sanguinai +40  +
Ayabere wall patterned with tiny stylized green trees +15  +


Banded amber-covered wall with contrasting colors +1  +
Barkcloth poke with grass-woven drawstrings +100  +
Beige felt tote embroidered with tiny green frogs +30  +
Black spidersilk lootsack clasped with a platinum dragon +25  +
Black wool carryall with white leather straps +30  +
Blackened iron chest with old rust-colored stains marring the sides +5  +
Blackened steel axe harness +5  +
Blue velvet knapsack clasped by a golden raven +25  +
Bright crimson felt pouch decorated with silver stars +30  +
Bright red felt coin purse shaped like a fat strawberry +30  +
Bright red leather case shaped like an apple +30  +
Bright scarlet felt coin purse shaped like a fat apple +30  +
Brown leather satchel with an iron clasp +30  +
Burgundy leather couch with polished smokewood trim and feet +3  +
Burgundy leather satchel with two bronze buckles +30  +
Burgundy thornweave pouch embellished with ecru embroidery +30  +
Burnished chainmail thigh pouch secured with a miniature silversteel shield +20  +
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