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The Crossing

[Traders' Guild, Office of the Guildleader]
Long imported silk drapes extend from ceiling to floor and are gathered on either side of a large area window that spans several paces in length. From this vantage point the bank, gates and various guilds and merchants can be seen throughout Crossing. An exceptional hand-spun silk carpet nearly covers the entire floor. Positioned directly opposite the guildleader's desk is a large map of the province mounted high up on the wall.
You also see the Trader Guildleader Ansprahv and an exquisite onyx desk with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Last updated: 1 Lirisa 438 (5/16/2021)

register on desk:
Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have practiced their trading skill into the highest levels:

Rank Name Race
1 Joolie Human
2 Archipelago Elf
3 Remigius Elothean
4 Kurtus Elothean
5 Acronyx Gnome
6 Meradyce Human
7 Monedero Elothean
8 Naniaki Prydaen
9 Vowbrum Elothean
10 Tirsten Elf
11 Aettsamme Elothean
12 Rafano Rakash
13 Apu Elothean
14 Malbog Gor'Tog
15 Jarxaxle Elf
16 Anthorice Human
17 Ellis Elothean
18 Tiddeggur S'Kra Mur
19 Otho Elothean
20 Dhalinar Kaldar
21 Badtooth Human
22 Jep Human
23 Monne Elf
24 Akharis Human
25 Lexara Elothean

[Traders' Guild, Hall of Awards]
The sheen of polished mahogany floors vanishes into dimness at the far end of the long hall. As your eyes follow the length of the flooring, you notice a series of niches set into the walls. Nearby, a delicate rope of fine silk stretches across the hallway.
You also see an intricately carved, stained black walnut plaque with panels of silverwood inlay engraved with flowing script and a carved marble pedestal with a porcelain vase on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Last updated: 1 Lirisa 438 (5/16/2021)

Let it be known, the following Traders are those that have reached the highest circles in the Realm for their profession:

Rank Name Circle Race
1 Archipelago 200 Elf
2 Kurtus 200 Elothean
3 Meradyce 186 Human
4 Naniaki 175 Prydaen
5 Apu 172 Elothean
6 Joolie 171 Human
7 Rafano 167 Rakash
8 Vowbrum 165 Elothean
9 Jep 163 Human
10 Anthorice 162 Elf
11 Monedero 161 Elothean
12 Greyhallow 161 Elf
13 Badtooth 157 Human
14 Lexara 156 Elothean
15 Tiddeggur 155 S'Kra Mur
16 Tirsten 153 Elf
17 Bovi 150 S'Kra Mur
18 Aettsamme 150 Elothean
19 Pucktin 150 Elf
21 Abison 145 S'Kra Mur
22 Deaglan 131 Prydean
23 Ithchy 130 Elothean
24 Dramulius 126 Elothean
25 Zincir 125 Halfling
24 Elsulose 120 Elf
25 Hostro 117 Dwarf


[Traders' Guild, Office]
The Office of the Guild handles all official matters. Promotions, joining, leaving and all internal disputes are brought here for the Master Trader to handle. A huge desk, covered with scrolls and tally-sheets and rosters occupies the center of the room. An equally massive safe sits nearby, holding secure the finances of this branch.
You also see a massive desk with a deep green leather Riverhaven register with brass tabs on each corner on it and the Trader Guildleader Willowbrook.
Obvious exits: out.

Last updated: 1 Lirisa 438 (5/16/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have studied everything around them, including local flora:

Rank Name Race
1 Meradyce Human
2 Joolie Human
3 Naniaki Prydaen
4 Kurtus Elothean
5 Tiddeggur S'Kra Mur
6 Dhalinar Kaldar
7 Tirsten Elf
8 Rafano Rakash
9 Abison S'Kra Mur
10 Lexara Elothean
11 Jep Human
12 Apu Elothean
13 Aettsamme Elothean
14 Crimsondae Human
15 Monedero Elothean
16 Anthorice Human
17 Ralfey Elf
18 Twid Gnome
19 Fillius Gnome
20 Gidske Human
21 Deaglan Prydaen
22 Dramulius Elothean
23 Bovi S'Kra Mur
24 Balkinar Dwarf
25 Gwenhwyfach Elf


[Muspar'i Traders' Guild, Guildleader's Office]
Polished granite covers the walls of the office, perfectly smooth and amazingly seamless. Bits of quartz have been exposed in the granite, sparkling radiantly under the light of the masterfully crafted iron chandelier. A low hand-carved walnut desk stands in the center of the room, its surface completely etched with a repeating star design. The rest of the furniture in the room is of high quality but austere, giving the office a rather stark and solemn ambiance.
You also see the Trader Guildleader Kworlin, an ornate stand with a water-stained Muspar'i register on it and a stone plaque.
Obvious exits: out.

Last updated: 320 Nissa 437 (04/21/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have excelled in learning as well as teaching:

Rank Name Race
1 Gwenhwyfach Elf
2 Kurtus Elothean
3 Tiddeggur S'Kra Mur
4 Abison S'Kra Mur
5 Rafano Rakash
6 Jep Human
7 Naniaki Prydaen
8 Apu Elothean
9 Joolie Human
10 Rajara Rakash
11 Monedero Elothean
12 Ishcah Human
13 Bovi S'Kra Mur
14 Gidske Human
15 Sortny Dwarf
16 Malakye Rakash
17 Deaglan Prydaen
18 Gashler Human
19 Quala Elothean
20 Triesti Human
21 Klausette Gnome
22 Thevelar Dwarf
23 Twid Gnome
24 Halajar Elf
25 Jhesili Prydaen


[Brickwell Tower, Guildmaster's Office]
Rich forest-green velvet draperies are pulled back to frame a woven tapestry on the teak paneled wall. Etched-glass lanterns hang from wrought iron hooks in each corner of the room. A large teak desk dominates the chamber, with a matching high-back chair the only seating provided. A battered hunter's bow hanging from a small shelf on the far wall is the only incongruous note in the decor.
You also see the Trader Guildleader Cialen and a rosewood door.
Obvious exits: none.

The register is present but not visible in the room description.

Last updated: 1 Lirisa 438 (5/16/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have worked hard to be a formidable adversary in battle:

Rank Name Race
1 Meradyce Human
2 Rafano Rakash
3 Jarxaxle Elf
4 Joolie Human
5 Naniaki Prydaen
6 Genkin Human
7 Jep Human
8 Tiddeggur S'Kra Mur
9 Vowbrum Elothean
10 Malbog Gor'Tog
11 Lanfeer Elf
12 Ellis Elothean
13 Lexara Elothean
14 Abison S'Kra Mur
15 Bovi S'Kra Mur
16 Anthorice Human
17 Aettsamme Elothean
18 Tirsten Elf
19 Twid Gnome
20 Secretia Elf
21 Banisad Kaldar
22 Gidske Human
23 Deaglan Prydaen
24 Zemon S'Kra Mur


[Ratha's Traders' Guild, Office of the Guildleader]
A low pile cream carpet complements the dark paneling of the walls without being too obtrusive. With ample space for all the furniture, nothing appears cramped or haphazard here. Plush leather chairs sit before and behind the desk while a few extra wait nearby for use. A framed window in the northern wall provides a view of the warehouse floor.
You also see the Trader Guildleader Imaar and an ornate wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.

The register is present but not visible in the room description.

Last updated: 17 Shorka 438 (05/30/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have a belief that you need to learn that which you need to prevent:

Criteria: Thievery skill
Rank Name Race
1 Rafano Rakash
2 Ishcah Human
3 Tirsten Elf
4 Bovi S'Kra Mur
5 Abison S'Kra Mur
6 Deaglan Prydaen
7 Apu Elothean
8 Malakye Rakash
9 Naniaki Prydaen
10 Lexara Elothean
11 Gidske Human
12 Gwenhwyfach Elf
13 Bagsodoks S'Kra Mur
14 Rajara Rakash
15 Loshant Elf
16 Zemon S'Kra Mur
17 Twid Gnome
18 Kardlo Halfling
19 Sortny Dwarf
20 Thevelar Dwarf
21 Martyka Prydaen
22 Fillius Gnome
23 Shalendrya Elothean
24 Azhag Gnome
25 Kobmand Kaldar

Aesry Surlaenis'a

[The Traders' Guild, Seranda's Office]
Memoirs gathered from countless journeys on the high seas are decoratively placed around the room, some clustered on small tables and some hanging along the walls. A low cherrywood desk stands in front of an open window that faces the guild's private dock, providing a view of the activity. Placed beside it is a high-backed wicker chair of local craftsmanship, filled with watersilk cushions and pillows, custom-made to suit the Guild Leader's taste and comfort.
You also see a jade plaque, the Trader Guildleader Seranda and a cherrywood stand with an Aesry register with a slash in the leather binding on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Last updated: 8 Lirisa 438 (05/18/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have been hardy and focused on outdoor activities:

Rank Name Race
1 Naniaki Prydaen
2 Tirsten Elf
3 Rafano Rakash
4 Bovi S'Kra Mur
5 Annandale Elothean
6 Gidske Human
7 Lanfeer Elf
8 Depouch Elothean
9 Rajara Rakash
10 Jhesili Prydaen
11 Monedero Elothean
12 Fillius Gnome
13 Ryylewkai Gnome
14 Bavaro Elf
15 Lasaia Elf
16 Gwenhwyfach Elf
17 Remigius Elothean
18 Sways Elothean
19 Vleri Halfling
20 Pino Human
21 Tirvos Kaldar
22 Zemon S'Kra Mur
23 Seruk Kaldar
24 Deaglan Prydaen
25 Abison S'Kra Mur


[Hibarnhvidar Trader Guild, Guild Leader's Office]
The Guildmaster's office has been carefully coordinated to incorporate the vision of a sun rising above the mountains. Purple and gold silk drapes hang loosely against the stone walls with light from wall sconces peeking through behind it like the first rays of a new morning in a cloudy sky. A large gold-inlaid rosewood desk glows in the reflected light from the smokeless candles set about the room. On a small shelf behind the desk rests a crystal decanter and four matching wine glasses.
You also see the Trader Guildleader Raelem.
Obvious exits: out.

The register is present but not visible in the room description.

Last updated: 3 Lirisa 437 (2/14/2021)

Upon these pages, the Traders listed below have a heightened sense of everything around them:

Rank Name Race
1 Meradyce Human
2 Joolie Human
3 Rafano Rakash
4 Kurtus Elothean
5 Naniaki Prydaen
6 Ishcah Human
7 Tiddeggur S'Kra Mur
8 Jep Human
9 Abison S'Kra Mur
10 Ellis Elothean
11 Kalyssia Rakash
12 Apu Elothean
13 Bovi S'Kra Mur
14 Lanfeer Elf
15 Twid Gnome
16 Aettsamme Elothean
17 Tirsten Elf
18 Madas Gnome
19 Gidske Human
20 Annandale Elothean
21 Sortny Dwarf
22 Balkinar Dwarf
23 Deaglan Prydaen
24 Gwenhwyfach Elf
25 Yamaga Gnome

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