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Lexara Starcanth
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


You see Trader Princess Lexara Starcanth, Trading Guru, an Elothean Trader.
Lexara has an angular face with laugh lines, tilted almond-shaped sapphire eyes and a straight nose. Her honey-streaked golden brown hair is very long and curly, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a pair of dragonwood crochet hooks. She has fair skin and a shapely figure.
She is average height for an Elothean.
She appears to be in her prime.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a coarse shalswar-hide cowl, a polished animite eyebrow ring set with a small platinum-hued aevanstone, some oval-framed spectacles with amber-tinted lenses, an animite earring shaped like a serpent coiled around a platinum-hued aevanstone, a pair of delicate animite earrings with a platinum-hued aevanstone set in the left one, a richly beaded traveler's cloak, a black nightsilk robe adorned with a myriad of gemstones in cascading patterns, a lumium ceremonial shield, some coarse shalswar-hide gloves, a polished white gold ring set with a large amethyst, a carved pick, a ruby-studded platinum ring bearing the crest of the Trader's Guild, some large silver toe bells and a gleaming animite parry stick studded with rubies.



Purveyor of Lexara's Mercantile, a member of the Riverhaven Commerce Cartel.


Career Blacksmith and Weaponsmith, Armorsmith hobbyist