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Klausette Gnickerbocker
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Tinkery

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.


You see Klausette Gnickerbocker, Puddle Stomper of Elanthia, a Gnome Trader.
She has sparkling silver eyes and a button nose. Her black hair is long and curly, and is worn in a tousled arrangement of upswept locks held in place by some diamondique raindrops. She has rosy skin accented by some rainbow-hued glitter and a plump figure.
She is tiny for a Gnome.
She appears to be an adult.

She is wearing a raincloud grey dress with layered skirts of filmy windstorm gossamer, a targe, a spiraling crystal wristcuff adorned with an array of rainbow sapphires, a trio of thin platinum rings channel-set with rainbow sapphires, a pair of copper zills and a pair of bright yellow boots fastened with wide silver buckles.


Always a Gnome

The smiling Tog placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, a flitting image flashed into her mind; her bouncy curls changed from the shade of strawberries to the color of the night, her sparkling jade eyes suddenly changed from precious gems to color of practical silvers. She nodded her head to the waiting Tog, in a silent acceptance. Her body braced itself and waited, her mind muddled with thoughts that were not entirely her own, oddly enough it was a comfortable feeling. After a few short moments the towering Gor'Tog collapsed exhausted, causing the earth to vibrate beneath her tiny workboot clad feet. After a moment of panic the little Gnome began to giggle once she saw the green man sit up and collect himself. She noticed then she felt more like herself than she could ever remember. In fact, she realized then that she couldn't remember a lot. She was most certain she had always been a Gnome, but of course that couldn't have ever been changed. "Why would you want to?" She thought to herself proudly. She was quite sure she had always been a Trader, her heart tells her it's all that she ever would want to be, but as far as if her heart ever thought it would be something else she couldn't remember. She scratched her head, hoping to kickstart her brain into remembering. Nibbling her lip she sat down to think, it's much easier for your thinker to work when it doesn't have to worry about reminding you to stand. "Let's see...Gnome, Trader...Tinkery's most favoritests cousin. That about covers it!" She smiled brightly, knowing she had covered all the important stuff. "Oh, and yellow is my favorite color!" She rose to her feet feeling much more certain, much more Klausette. She wrapped her arms around the jolly Empath's calf and thanked him for all his help then she spun around on the tips of her toes and pattered away.