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Tiddeggur Bankks
Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime

"Combat Trader and elite crafter available for all your Outfitting, Engineering, and Alchemy needs. Check out my shop for a fine selection of steel and rare metal weapons!"


You are Trader King Tiddeggur Bankks, a S'Kra Mur Trader. You have slitted dark eyes, camouflage scales and a slender tail. You are venerable.

You are wearing a coarse shalswar-hide jerkin with a reinforced design, a parry stick, a small crimson-scale shield sealed with protective wax, a lumium sallet, some lumium brigandine sleeves, a weathered leather shoulder pack, a low-slung leather hip belt, a scuffed leather traveler's haversack, some basilisk fang elbow blades, a silver earring set with a small red garnet, some polished white gold earrings set with two tear-shaped amethysts, an agate ring with a bronze serpentine band, an ivory necklace inlaid with gold unicorns, a rose quartz brooch set in filigreed silver, a carved jade necklace with polished bronze clasps, a crystal bracelet inlaid with precious stones, a white gold necklace displaying a large amethyst pendant, a serpentine platinum ring displaying a lustrous fang pearl, a serrated belt knife, a crimson leather hip belt fastened with an onyx buckle, some bronze spiked knuckles, a green canvas feedbag, a white topaz bracelet with a copper welkin clasp, a lockpick ring, a worn grey hitman's backpack with fraying straps and some steel chain greaves.