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Rafano Rekletar
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime

Birthday: Born on the 11th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 399 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

Relationship Status: Engaged to Siendra.

Religion: The Great Pack


  • He considers the well-being of the Rakash settlement at Siksraja to be a personal responsibility. While others stand watch at the gates and defend the settlement with arms, his interests lie in its economic development.

  • He is obsessed with the lore and legends surrounding how the Rakash lost their moonskin. It is his firm belief that a solution can be found through rigorous alchemical research. Above all other goals, he hopes that this will one day be his mark on the world . . . that, following in the paw prints of his god Mrod, he gifted his brethren with a return to their natural form.

  • He despises Necromancers, for the manner in which they drove his people from their lands and fragmented them. In his own words: "I hate them because they spread us, we who are only happy when we are with our Pack . . . Have you ever seen a child gather fallen leaves in his hands and blow? The leaves are scattered, and the child cares not where they land . . . this is what the Necromancers did to us."

  • In his little spare time he enjoys artistic pursuits, including painting and writing.



  • Much More Than A Discussion of War:
Around the edges of the paper, orcs are drawn in a blurry, abstract style, their bodies represented by nothing more than angry strokes of red paint, armed with thin streaks of black, obscure weaponry. They seem to rush toward the center of the frame, where, in contrast, a band of defenders is drawn in painstaking detail: Klurn, Kammae, Rairken, Sturm, Somniumvisum, Zymi, and others . . . back-to-back in a circle, their arrows, spells and steel lunging outward toward the advancing horde. A title and date are scribbled at the bottom: Much More Than A Discussion of War; 427 years, 56 days AV.
  • Tavern Troupe Slumber Party:
The center of the page is consumed by a gigantic silver telescope, with a dark black sky stretched out above it, freckled with points of starlight arranged into familiar heavenly bodies. A great many persons are painted as laying around its base, most of them covered in splashes of blue bedroll. From the edges of the page, sinister shapes creep inward, dark and foreboding, composed of small excerpts of text - the manifestation of dark stories, come to life. Whilst the unknowing slumberers at center laugh and assail each other with weapons of feather and cloth. A title and date are scribbled at the bottom: Tavern Troupe Slumber Party; 429 years, 129 days AV.


419 Years, 118 days: Joined the Trader Guild.

419 Years, 216 days: Won First Place in Order of the White Rose Painting competition.

419 Years, 348 days: Achieved full "Guild" status.

419 Years, 349 days: Inducted into the Order of the White Rose (but is no longer a member)

426 Years, 171 days: Achieved "Expert" status in Guild.

426 Years, 225 days: Won horse courtesy of the Lorethew Mentor Society. Named Salna, which is Rakash for "Frost".

427 Years, 221 days: Awarded first maker mark:

You see the fuzzy initials "R. R." impressed into the surface of the metal.

428 Years, 24 days: Achieved "Master" status in Guild.

429 Years, 96 days: Achieved "Grand Master" status in Guild.

429 Years, 120 days: Proposed to Siendra (surprisingly, she said Yes).