The First Land Herald/421-06-06

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Article Number: BI51
Dateline: 421-06-06

During all of this turmoil with the Dark Gods, old foes have taken advantage of our fatigue to strike back at our beleaguered forces.

On 421-5-12 Skaen raised the alarm that pirates were raiding Riverhaven. Pfanston opined that they were “not your run of the mill ones,” and put out a request for aid.

Mistanna kindly provided transporation for at least one person to assist, and defenders converged on the city as the battle ensued. A motley assembly of sailors, bosuns, longbowmen, mariners, mercenaries, lieutenants, and crossbowmen put up a stiff battle before being defeated. In general, the invaders “looked as if they had been at sea way too long and were someone you probably wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley.”

Despite their defeat, during their retreat Pfanston reported spotting several sailors carrying chests marked with the seal of the Bank of Riverhaven and I myself spotted a golden box bearing the seal of the Mayor of Riverhaven in the arms of a bosun running past me.

The chests went unrecovered, and no confirmed sighting of an escape vessel was made. Questions were raised as to whether these were the Red Sash Pirates, but no one reported spotting their distinctive garb.

In the aftermath, several horn blasts resonated in warning from the distance near the Riverhaven East Gate signaling the appearance of attacking rebels. There was a brief skirmish in which the rebels failed to penetrate the town defenses, and the notorious Cleric of Drogor, Whiteburn was identified defending His shrine.

No sooner had this thread been dealt with but Elpalzi descended from the Reach for a quick raid on Kaerna, this time called out by Janaetta on the gweth. After a brief skirmish they were driven back as well. I arrived to find the last of the stragglers being cleaned up, and this attack did not last long.

The enemies of civilization have not failed to take notice of our preoccupation with matters of Divine significance. Keep your defenses at the ready, for they are watching us as well.

Saragos Daerthon
Reporter and Archivist, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date



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Red Sash Pirates


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