The First Land Herald/410-07-17

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Article Number: BI16
Dateline: 410-07-17

At long last, the means of delivering both ourselves and the Goddess Peri'el from the Darkness brought on by Dergati and her Spawn may be at hand: a holy artifact – a Glass Sun – fed by the power of Song.

The news was brought by Priest Rardu, of Hav’roth, and, fittingly, was proven by Ur’Kapo Peri’el Renrosali with her Song during a public meeting with Sister Tasrhhsu.

Ur’Kapo Renrosali accepted Rardu’s Harp and, hanging a Glass Shard around her neck, began to play a lament. To the shock of all in attendance, including Sister Tasrhhsu, the Shard began to glow with the Purest Sunlight!

In the words of Rardu, “It has taken a whole coterie of Holy Enchanters since the time that Dergati hid our sun. But it is done. This glass, a gift from Hav’roth, surely - it transmutes music into sunlight.”

At least three large Suns of Glass, each about the size of a Gor’Tog by the Priest’s word, have been constructed. They sit just within the doors of the High Temple in the Crossing, just east of the Temple Gate in Riverhaven, and at the altar of Peri’el in the Shard Temple of Light, awaiting the charge of Sunlight from these Shards. There may be others in other cities, but these are outside the purview of the Herald.

Once these reservoirs are filled, it is thought that this Sunlight may be brought down below the Ground, into the lair of Dergati’s Spawn themselves, to give aid to the ailing Peri’el.

It is hoped that all will do their part to charge these Shards. They are available for a small fee of a few silver, and can be found beneath the Glass Sun. They are to be worn around the Neck, and as many can be worn – and charged! – as can be fit.

Playing an instrument or humming a Song well will infuse with Sunlight. You will know you have been successful when you see the glow increasing. The Song must be well-played – a halting or stumbling tune will not do! At any time, either when the Shard holds as much Sunlight as it can, or sooner, they can be returned to feed their energy into the Sun’s reservoir within the temple by tapping them against it.

Our Task is set before us. Once the Glass Sun is charged, the Lair must still be located, and then the Battle to maneuver this Holy Artifact beneath the earth where it may do its work must ensue. The Ru'atin Peri'el and the Priests have given us a tool. It us up to each of us to see it used.

Saragos Daerthon
Reporter, The First Land Herald


   Collect a shard from beneath one of the three locations of the suns. (Crossing Temple, Riverhaven Temple, Shard Temple of Light.)
   PLAY or HUM when the shard is around your neck. Up to three shards can be worn.
   When charged, return to one of the suns and TAP SUN WITH SHARD while holding it.
Real Date: Unknown Date

Crossing High Temple







Riverhaven Temple

Ru'atin Peri'el



Temple of Light