Riverhaven Temple

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Like the Riverhaven Town Hall, the Riverhaven Temple is in Town Square on River Road. The Square is a large park with shady trees, while the Temple itself (albeit its outer facade is nothing special architecturally) is noted for its graceful gardens and well-tended lawns.

Features of the Riverhaven Temple

Favor Altar

The Riverhaven Temple contains a well-concealed favor-producing altar in the Temple Gazebo. It looks like this:

[Temple Gazebo, Candle Alcove]
Light plays in subtle and shifting hues off the pale ash floors of this tiny alcove. Candles line the walls, stored neatly away in hundreds of tiny niches. A high window in the north-most wall lets in a scrap of sunlight that touches gently on the scrubbed alabaster altar sitting in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: out.

look altar
Gleaming softly in the warm glow of the candlelight, the altar shines with a faint pearlescent light. Tiny offerings of flower petals lie strewn across the altar's surface.

look window
The window is framed in cedar and plated with fine glass. It looks to be newly cleaned.

look candle
The candles vary between fresh and burning down to nothing. Oddly, there is no accumulation of wax beneath them on the niche ledges.

Altar of Divyaush

[Temple, Shrine]
Strong marble columns stand at the four corners of the shrine supporting an intricate latticework roof covered in flowering vines. A simple marble altar stands at the far end of the shrine before a brilliant tapestry in black and gold. The ground is strewn with fresh rose petals which give off a sweet perfume as you walk. You also see an ash and plaster gazebo that is set off to one side of the garden.
Obvious exits: out.

look tapestry
The tapestry depicts a merry bearded man of middle age with merry twinkling eyes and a wide grin. He is sitting on the ground amidst a circle of laughing children while a welkin looks on quietly.

You can also check the altar and see if it's a bit dusty.

Statue of Eylhaar/Resurrection Site

[Temple, Garden]
Following the meandering path through the garden, you come upon a dark still pool lined with mossy grey stones. An alabaster statue of a woman stands at one end, her arms outstretched as if to embrace someone standing in the shallow water. A thin stream pours from her cupped palms into the pool below, and a small rivulet flows off into the garden from a channel cut in the opposite side. You also see a sturdy teak table with a glass shard hanging from a silken cord on it.
Obvious exits: north, west.

look statue
The stunning white statue depicts a beautiful woman with raised arms reaching out over the water. She has a look of pure joy on her face, as if reaching out to embrace a loved one long gone. Tears drip slowly down her pale stone cheek. Hidden amid the reeds at her feet sits the smiling figure of a jackal, curled up in a nap.

look pool
The shallow waters of the pool are as clear as glass, revealing the carefully placed stones forming the pool's bottom. The stones fit together like pieces in a puzzle, and yet don't seem to have been cut in any way. You wonder at the patience and devotion needed to fit together such an intricate pattern.

Shrine of Tamsine and Albreda

[Temple, Shrine]
Twin lines of towering ash form living columns supporting a vast green canopy over your head, which rustles faintly as the wind moves through it. The ground beneath your feet is covered in a soft carpet of grass and clover spotted with sweet yellow flowers. The living arch leads to a raised dais upon which sit two lifelike figures carved from gleaming pink marble, set before a thick curtain of old vines. You also see a flat rock that lies at the feet of the leftmost statue.
Obvious exits: out.

look figure
The figures depict two women sitting side by side atop vine covered thrones of wood. The woman on the left is older, but still beautiful, and holds some half-finished knitting in her lap. A large tabby cat seems to be fighting with the knitting for a space to lay down. Her face is set in a beatific smile as she looks down at you. The woman to the right holds her head bowed, and tears stream down her troubled face. She cradles a young child in her arms, and a dove is perched on her shoulder.

look rock
This large flat rock is for placing offerings of food or flowers before the image of the goddess.

Shrine of Harawep

[Temple, Dark Shrine]
A faint whiff of corruption rises from piles of old rotting leaves covering the ground you stand on. The spreading foliage overhead casts deep shadows over the area, and you glance warily into the darkened recesses trying to find some source for the unease you feel. Towering thorn hedges all about you seem to creep closer as you watch. You also see a worm-eaten wooden statue standing astride a dark opening into the ground.
Obvious exits: out.

look statue
The statue is ancient, and covered in cobwebs and dust. As you look closer, you begin to wish it were more fully covered. It depicts a female figure advancing towards you with two jagged blades held out before her. The woman's face is that of a hag, with her features contorted in a fearsome grimace revealing rows of sharklike teeth. A huge spider rides atop her head like a helm, and her robes bear the design of an hourglass on the front.

Discipline Training

[Temple, Shadowy Chamber]
A lone candle glows faintly atop a corroded slab of black stone, caked with a filthy mixture of dirt, old leaves, and wax. Its light is eerily muted, and fades into a wall of shadows which seem to press inwards with each tiny flicker of the flame. A thick moist stench assaults you, flowing in warm sickening waves from somewhere out in the blackness. Tangled roots hanging from the ceiling reach out and grab you as you make your way through the near-dark cavern, as if moved by some malicious will.
Obvious exits: out.