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Saslisena Echoya
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Saslisena of Therengia, a Rakash.

Non-Moonskin: She has sparkling crystal blue eyes. Her golden hair is long and wavy, and is worn arranged in ringlets. She has pale skin and a svelte figure.

Moonskin: She has crystal blue eyes, a grey and silver coat with silvered black masking and a slender tail.

What's In A Name

Saslisena approximately means "frozen ghost" from the Rakash words saslis "frozen" and ena "ghost".

Her parents named her this perhaps overly harsh name as a reminder of the son they'd lost during the migration east, so that they'd never forget the cost of leaving home.

She typically goes by the nickname of Sassy.

Sassy, The Cleric

Sassy's early studies in the cleric guild went well--besides the usual youthful skipping of class--until the day Guildleader Tallis proclaimed that the Gods outside of the 13(39) are not true Gods at all. Since then she has been estranged from her guild until Mrod, Enelne, and Coshivi are recognized as real Gods. To this day she refuses to speak with Guildleader Tallis to advance her cleric abilities.

Sassy, The Bard

Having grown up with a strong heritage of storytelling and listening to song, she has chosen to express her devotion to the Gods in that manner. Besides killing the undead, her greatest love is writing songs and telling stories. This love was seen by her position of Assistant Manager of the Theren Theatre and Playwright of the Therengian Court. She eventually became Court Bard and Manager of the Theren Theatre. She ended up walking away from these things when she was suddenly called away for some traveling. When she returned, she got involved in The Arthe Repertory Team (TART).