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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

She is Truthseeker Elurora Wavengam, Lady Knight of Ilithi, an Elf.
She has a round face, pointed ears, large expressive ultramarine eyes and a small nose. Her honey hair is hip length and silky, and is worn in an intricate braid threaded with a sapphire blue spun glitter ribbon and allowed to fall over one shoulder. She has fair skin and a willowy and gracefully toned physique that belies a well-muscled figure.
She is petite for an Elf.
She is young.
Her shoulder has a tattoo of brilliant sanguine peonies surrounded in verdant gilt-edged leaves. Dozens of the large, showy blooms fill the skin of her right upper arm and scapula before flowing in lush groupings of lavishly detailed flowers down her spine and across her lower back to her left hip before ending in a trine of bright gold chrysanthemums on her thigh. Touches of crimson ink add a shadowy depth to the abundance of blossoms accentuated by tiny dots of dark gold pigmentation that speckle both petal and leaf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a fragile pendant of intertwined acenite and sungold curled around a glistening aquamarine rivertear, an Elamiri sapphire caught within a wirework pendant dangling from a narrow ribbon choker, a calico sundress with wide shoulder straps, an austere love token band formed from sungold and some pale blue Elven silk sandals.

Elu color.jpg

First Memory

Darkness surrounded her, but somewhere nearby she could hear the crackle of fire. Ash and smoke filled the air in her pocket of nothing making it hard to breath, hard to cry. But she did cry, quiet little sobs, half calling for her mother and half just sounds. Her five year old body was naked save for the scraps of her clothing still clinging to it, and it hurt. There was a throbbing, dizzying pain in her head and she could feel something trickling down her cheek. She'd tried to move her arm to rub at it, but her arm wasn't working right and the last time she'd tried it hadn't responded. The sound of stone shifting against stone sending dust raining down on her hair. Her hair which looked almost black from debris. More grinding and more dust along with a few rocks, then spears of light against her eyes. A face appeared in the new opening, the light haloing behind him. A Human Paladin by the livery badge holding his cloak. There's a grunting sound as he sweeps said cloak off from around his shoulders and reaches into the hole to wrap her in it. As he moves to pick her up, the pain from being jostled sends her into a new darkness.

A Childhood Memory

The dress itched, the lace was scrounged for donated clothing, as were all their outfits, but this was the worst. It was tight and hit her in that awkward middle of the calf spot that made her legs look too long. Her hair was braided so tightly it felt like it was being pulled out even after the woman finished tying it with a ribbon. All the children had been told to be on their best behavior, with a prominent local family coming to see the orphanage. Everyone but the littlest littles and the new children knew the rules. Smile and bow, act as polite as possible. Try to keep everyone else out of trouble. Elurora tugged at the skirt of her dress, trying to get the waist to stop scratching at her skin.

The knock on the door heralded the family and their servants, bringing the expected baskets of food and treats. That was one good thing about these visits, the food they got afterwards. What wouldn't keep for long got fed to the children. Not that any of them went hungry, but it was bland, boring food most days. The fancy Lord and his wife swept in, greeted by the Headmistress while the helpers directed the servants to the kitchens and pantries in the back of the building. Three children trailed behind their parents, their clothing fine enough to have fed everyone in the room three times over for months. Once the tour was started, most of them were herded outside with strict warnings to stay clean and out of trouble.

The courtyard was cobbled from stables to house, with lawns on either side for the children to play on. But a recent rain left the grass wet and the dirt tending toward mud. It took a few minutes but most of the children found something to do that wasn't too rowdy. A couple of littler girls were playing a game of tag when the middle boy from the family wandered outside. Elurora was watching from near the stables as he surveyed the space like he thought he owned it. She liked the horses, they were gentle and old, not much good for riding but they served for taking the cart back and forth from the city with supplies and children when required. Her eyes followed him as the young man, somewhere between child and adult, meandered over to a little girl playing with a worn doll. While she couldn't hear what he said, she saw him snatch the doll from the child. The girl reached a hand up, obviously asking for the doll back. At this point, Elurora was slowly walking around the paved part of the courtyard toward the pair. A few others had stopped playing to take notice of the lordling and the little girl.

When she got close enough, she spoke, "Give it back." Her statement was flat. And as expected the boy turned her smirking. He sized her up. She knew what he saw. A skinny Elf girl in an ill-fitting dress. She'd seen herself in the rare mirror while in town or puddles when it rained. She wasn't going to impress anyone with size. Folding her arms, she repeated herself, "Give her back her doll."

This time he laughed at her and held the doll just out of reach of the smaller child. "This doll? This is trash. It might make her sick." The little girl took this moment to try and snag the doll back, while he was distracted. He side stepped her and gave her a little shove causing her to fall and skin a knee.

Elurora made a sound like a growl and bowled into the bully, managing to send them both tumbling into one of the scattered puddles, right through a juicy bit of mud.

By the time the adults showed up, Elurora and the boy both had matching black eyes, their hair was full of gunk that was a mixture of mud, grass, and things better not thought about. Her dress was torn in three places and she'd lost a shoe. The boy's outfit was probably ruined, or at least in need of a good washing, though it might be hard to repair the tears in the finer fabric. They were pulled apart, the Headmistress apologizing profusely as she sent Elurora to the large room shared by the girls around her age.

The punishment was no supper. And later, no more dressing up. Though Elurora didn't really think the later was much of a loss.