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Nimuen Wavesinger
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance undisclosed

Nimuen Wavesinger, a human bardess was known for her great talent at impromptu sing-a-longs on the southwest of the Town Green in the Crossing. A bardess of incredible talent and sharp wit, she was a great role model for the years she stayed with us. She loved her sea chanteys. I believe she was one of the original members of the Troupe of the Four Winds.

You see Troubadour Nimuen Wavesinger, a Human Bard
She has crystal green eyes, long wavy golden brown hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
She is young for a Human.

She is wearing a wide ivory scrimshaw bracelet, a wide copper earring, a dashing linen pirate's shirt that hangs open in the front, a maroon leather bodice laced up the front with rawhide, a woven leather belt adorned with tiny brass wrens, some tan suede breeches, some seafoam leather boots with dolphin-shaped jade charms, a long pouch, a black spidersilk backpack, a carved pick, a marqueterie copperleaf locket and a shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild.