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Sesi Hart
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

Sesi Who?

Stepping through an olivewood door hung with a cupcake-shaped door knocker, you enter a large apartment, its expansive multi-room interior filled with furniture covered by soft white sheets. A thin layer of dust covers everything, and the room feels... abandoned.

A bouquet of dried roses, their once vibrant peach hue faded and darkened with age, rests on a small table situated beside the front door. Sparkling glitter pools on the ground around the table and trails in tiny mousey tracks around the apartment.

The far wall is hung with a massive poster framed in gold: A female Rakash, her shapely figure clad in a flashy floor-length sequined gown, strikes a sassy pose, one hand raised upwards and caught in the act of throwing a handful of rainbow glitter into the air. Her red-gold hair flows down to brush her hips, the wavy curls dappled with small flower-shaped jewels. Dusky black kohl lines and darkens her thick lashes, framing golden eyes that seem to shine with a hint of mischief. The title "SESI HART: GLITTER, MINE" is scrawled diagonally across the poster in bold crimson letters outlined in gold.

A tawny brown mouse scampers in from one of the side rooms, its well-fed body dressed in a pair of snazzy tweed trousers with a teeny felt belt. Seeing you, it pauses and sits back on its haunches. Whiskers twitching it reaches up to yank idly at one rounded ear before seeming to shrug, turning around to quickly dash away with a flick of its long pink tail.

History & Stuff

♥ Possibly born on the 13th day of the 7th month, 380 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
♥ Adopted by Nathan and Meghan Hart when she was a toddler. They gave her the name Abigail.
♥ Trained with the Barbarian Guild for three years before her calling came, directing her to the Cleric Guild.
♥ Auditioned for and was accepted into the Theren Theater Players in the early days of winter, 400.
♥ Starred in her first play "A Night of Hopeful Dance" in the spring of 401.
♥ Saw a real, live [expletive] dragon.
♥ Became engaged to Batutisz on the 31st day of the 8th month, 403.
♥ Accepted a position as Shard's theatre director in the summer of 406, assisting Court Bard Ruea Ruin in all things awesome and glittery.
♥ Became Co-Theater Director of the Shoan a Sidelkukoa alongside Ruea Ruin in the fall of 408.
♥ Wrote and directed her first play, "Granny Bluebell", in the summer of 409.
♥ Wrote a second play, "Snowdrop", which was performed in the Theren Theater with a free repeat performances in Shard for its citizens a few months later.
♥ Took on the full role of Theater Director in early 411.
♥ Organized and hosted the first South Bridge Street Faire in the autumn of 411, bringing glitter and holy tiny cows to the city of Shard.
♥ Launched the second South Bridge Street Faire in the autumn of 415 and has plans to continue the tradition every four or so years, weather and glitter permitting.
♥ Reportedly left with her elder sister, Istadet, the day after the Faire ended for a lengthy bit of traveling. It is rumored that Sesi, often denying that she is in fact Rakash, is attempting to "Find Mrod".
♥ She'll be back... SOON!

Tidbits & Fluff

♥ "Sesi" is a childhood nickname and the Rakash word for six.
♥ Little sister to Istadet and Gathrin Delemor, the Istarin.
♥ Once married to Erieck Gotsby, Therengia's previous Ambassador to Ilithi and current Court Historian.
♥ Owns a bear pelt named Douglas (Doug) which might be sentient.
♥ Uses six golden hearts as her personal mark.
♥ Devoted to all three aspects of Hodierna with emphasis on Berengaria.
♥ Enjoys shopping with a passion some people reserve for training and hunting.
Loves, adores and cherishes cupcakes boozecakes.
♥ Loves mice nearly as much as cows.
♥ Rescued her first cage of mice from a party when she was fifteen years old, encouraging her friends to help. Since then with the help of other like minded individuals she has liberated many a mouse (and even a few rats!), relocating them to safer, happier locales, such as churches, theaters, and any place Sesi in all her good (if illogical) intentions deems worthy.
♥ The best and brightest mice are trained in the theater, and three of her star pupils made their debut during Shard's 415 South Bridge Street Faire.
♥ (They can't really talk, though. That was all the talents of voice throwing performers hidden around the stage!)

OOC Information

AIM: SixHeartsOr
RP: Heavy
PvP: Open

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” - Pericles